Little People Big World Fans Can Explore Matt’s McMansion BNB In 3D

Little People Big World Little People Big World fans who follow the TLC show know that Matt Roloff purchased part of Roloff Farms from his ex-wife, Amy. Later, in season 23, the news emerged that he decided to sell it off outside of the family. Now, as season 24 plays out, the news emerged that Matt decided not to sell the big house. Instead, he listed it as a vacation rental. And now, fans can see the inside of the place in 3D.

Little People Big World – Fans Felt Sad About The Sale

When TLC fans heard that Matt decided to sell the property, they felt very sad. Even Amy seemed shocked. After all, Matt had talked about legacy and the family for years. Anyway, it all turned toxic on the screen. But later, it turned out that Matt had a change of heart. Actually, he moved a lot of the pumpkin season exhibits from the property over to the main farm. Next, he decided to rent out the big mansion to people on vacation.

Little People Big World fans heard from Matt via social media that he decided to rent out the place after he listed it for sale. Apparently, he consulted with a lot of people about it. One of them suggested a vacation home. And that seemed to appeal to Matt Roloff. In fact, he said that perhaps one day, his own family might gather there for reunions. Now that the place has been cleaned and furnished, it will soon be available to rent.

Little People Big World – 3D Of Matt’s McMansion

Hillsboro, just outside of Portland is very pretty and the whole atmosphere is rural. If you don’t know, the house has five bedrooms and the property in Helvetia is about 16 acres. So, those who rent it as a holiday home can explore an attractive area. iTrip has it listed and you can actually explore the home yourself in 3D. As expected, there are a lot of places for entertainment and relaxation.

Little People Big World Fans Can Explore Matt Roloff McMansion BNB In 3D

Little People Big World fans who want to stay there can’t use the pool, right now, as it’s still being fixed up. However, they can expect “a huge open living, dining, and kitchen layout making it the perfect place for incredible meals and amazing memories.” Notably, the place is ideal for little people and average-sized people And, if you plan a working vacation, you can use the old office that became so familiar to TLC fans.

Little People Big World – Facilities And Fun

The old home that belonged to the Little People Big World family isn’t short of entertainment. There’s an entertainment area. iTrip describes it as “One of the highlights of the home is the adjoining immense great room with billiards table (lowered slightly from standard), game tables, an elevated seating area with a huge 80″ TV where you can watch your favorite movie or game.”

With lots of space, it should be noted though, that booking the place doesn’t run to giving visitors free rein to explore the entire Roloff Farms properties. Still, it’s very pretty there with lots of parking and lovely scenery.

You can explore the vacation home in 3D yourself by visiting this link HERE.

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