Joy-Anna Forsyth Video Reveals Her Kids Have A Blast In LA

Joy-Anna Forsyth Counting On alums Joy-Anna Forsyth and her sister Jinger Vuolo seem to get along very well. Recently, they got together in LA, California, and TLC fans liked that Joy-Anna supports her sister. Of course, it’s unlikely that a lot of people in the Duggar family cheer her on for her new book, Becoming Free Indeed. On February 20, Austin’s wife uploaded a video that revealed the kids, Evelyn and Gideon had a blast with their cousins, Evangeline and Felicity.

Joy-Anna Forsyth – Visits Her Sister Jinger Vuolo

When fans saw that Joy shared a photo of herself with Jinger last weekend, she didn’t show the kids at all. Looking quite advanced in her pregnancy, Joy-Anna posed for a photo next to Jinger Vuolo. Those TLC fans who like Jinger’s new book, Becoming Free Indeed felt happy to see that at least one sister really supports her. Bear in mind, the bestselling book slapped at the way Jim Bib and Michelle Duggar raised their kids.

Joy-Anna Forsyth probably didn’t show her kids with Evangeline and Felicity as Jinger won’t show their faces to the camera. What she didn’t say, was that Austin also went with her. Austin’s becoming more popular with fans of Counting On as he stood by her during the trial of her brother Josh. Additionally, he seems like a devoted dad to Evelyn and Gideon. This weekend, the couple dropped a video that revealed the kids had a blast in LA when they visited aunt Jinger.

Joy-Anna Forsyth, Austin & The Kids Flew To LA

When she posted up her new video, it was titled, We Flew ACROSS THE COUNTRY! It started with a scene that showed the children in that passage of the house. Gideon was packed and ready to go. Meanwhile, Evelyn seemed excited to visit “Lissy,” which is the name they use for Jinger’s oldest daughter. In the video, she told her dad they were also going up “in the air.”

Counting On Joy-Anna Forsyth Video Reveals Her Kids Have A Blast In LA
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Joy-Anna Forsyth gathered all the kids and they went to the airport which made Gideon happy. Next, the family boarded the plane. Good as gold, Evelyn fell asleep on the flight. Soon, they were at Jinger’s new home and the kids got down to some serious playing. Although fans didn’t see Evangeline and Felicity, they were around. In fact, Lissy gave Evelyn and Gideon some toys to play with. Next, Jinger and Austin, along with Joy-Anna took all the kids to play in the park.

Joy-Anna Forsyth – Catching Up With Jeremy

Joy-Anna Forsyth made dinner for Jinger and the rest of the family that night. Loving the warm weather in California, they ate outdoors. Actually, she told her viewers that the kids don’t get outside much in Arkansas as “it’s freezing.” In her video, she also said that the next night, Jeremy would fire up the pizza oven. Meanwhile, as the kids played in the background, Austin talked about the stunning view from Jinger Vuolo’s home.

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