Josh Duggar’s Release Date Moved Up Again

Josh DuggarFor someone who is destined to spend over a decade of his life in prison, Josh sure has a way of making things worse for himself.

Josh Duggar, the eldest son of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison in May 2022, for having in his possession child pornography materials.

Josh’s initial release date was scheduled for August 2032 but due to his recent illegal activity (attempting to sneak in a cell phone), it was moved up to October 2032.

Josh Duggar — Why Josh Duggar’s Release Was Moved Up

According to reports from someone whose family member is in the same Seagoville penitentiary with Josh, which was also confirmed by “InTouch” and “@withoutacrystalball” Instagram page, Josh was caught with a cell phone in his cell room.

It was said that prisoners often rent or sell cell phones to fellow inmates as means of making cash in prison. Josh happens to rent out a cell phone, and during cell check it was discovered in his possession.

The informant also shared that Josh’s reason for renting the phone was so he could work on his appeal. It was also said that Josh is owing the sum of $2,200 for the rented phone, and by all indications, he can’t afford to pay up.

After Josh was caught trying to smuggle in the phone, his penalty was, “allegedly 75 days in the SHU, 180 days without commissary, phone, email (if he gets email access) and visitors. He also lost 47 days of good time.” —per @withoutacrystalball.

Josh Duggar — Anna Might Finally Divorce Josh

According to the informant, Josh’s ever-supportive wife Anna Duggar who vowed to stand by him is getting fed up with the whole situation.

Anna’s mental health is not only at stake, her bank account is equally at stake because she has been supporting Josh financially. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Josh has been trash-talking Anna.

The Informant shared that Josh is 100% positive that Anna would never leave him, and that she would continue waiting for him to return. “Josh tells people that she will never leave him because she has to stay and because he’s Josh Duggar, it’s gross.”

Josh’s attorneys are doing their best to prove that the evidence used in sentencing Josh was wrong. Josh is claiming in his appeal that the evidence actually belongs to his former co-worker.

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