How Anna Duggar Pays Bills While Husband Josh Is In Jail

Anna-Duggar Duggar Family news and updates reveal that life has not been easy for Anna Duggar since her husband Josh Duggar went to prison for downloading and possessing child pornography. With the family’s earner sitting in prison for at least the next several years, Anna is left with the entire responsibility of raising their seven children. Continue reading and we’ll tell you how it’s getting done.

Duggar Family News – Anna’s Going to Go it Alone for A Long Time

Duggar Family news and updates reveal that, according to Nicki Swift, Josh was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison for downloading and possessing child pornography. In 2022, AP News reported that the former TLC personality has maintained his innocence and that his legal team had asked for a five-year sentence.

However, prosecutors asked for 20 years for the former reality TV star, arguing that he had “deep-seated, pervasive, and violent sexual interest in children”. Though he was not handed a 20-year sentence, he will still have to serve 20 years of supervised release after he serves his prison term.

Us Weekly reported in June of 2022 that, upon Josh’s release, he’ll be prohibited from having any “unsupervised contact with minors.” Additionally, he’ll be prohibited from owning unapproved internet-enabled devices and must undergo lie detector tests to ensure he’s complying with all conditions.

How Does Anna Duggar Support Her Children?

Prior to heading to the penitentiary, Josh Duggar was his family’s sole provider. Now, many wonder how Anna plans on supporting her family. In Touch reported in December of last year that Anna’s net worth was a mere $60,000.

While rearing one child can be difficult in and of itself, raising seven has got to be a daunting task. It is difficult to comprehend how Anna continues to support her family with such a low net worth. Notably, the former TV personality has never held down a job aside from that of being a full-time mother, so it’s highly likely that most of her net worth came from her time in the 19 Kids and Counting franchise.

Could Anna Duggar Still be Teaching?

Since the cancellation of the show as well as its spinoff Counting On, that income is no more. It remains unclear how Anna is managing to support her seven children, however, she still has the option to work as a teacher. “After high school, I did an online Christian college program in early child education,” she revealed on the Duggar Family Fan Blog back in 2016.

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