Josh Duggar Accused Of Kissing Prison Visitors

Josh Duggar Duggar Family News reveals that Josh Duggar is getting a lot of hate from the prison he is currently in. Not only do the inmates feel like he thinks he’s a big deal, but now there are rumors going around that he has kissed prison visitors and possibly inmates. In fact, there have been sources that noted how “nasty” and “perverted” he has acted toward them.

Duggar Family News – Has Josh Duggar Found Prison Love?

The Instagram account, Without a Crystal Ball, has shared that it turns out that Josh may have found love while in prison. This past week, Josh was seen using a cell phone and it was to call someone other than his wife, Anna Duggar.

In fact, the call was made to another building to talk to a prison inmate there. Not only that, the rumors are swirling that this inmate is a transgender female, who used to be a male.

According to the source, Josh has been very open about the fact that this relationship is happening. He hasn’t hidden it from any of the other inmates and told them that he doesn’t care who knows!

This same source also pointed out that Josh kissed a male visitor to the prison on the lips! They added, “Josh is a pervert, nasty, and he will do whatever to get his needs met.”

Duggar Family News – Josh Duggar’s Prison Behavior

Josh’s wife, Anna has been the only member of his family to come to see him while he has been in prison. It seems that his entire family has shunned him and completely stopped talking about him altogether. The family did lose their show because of his actions, after all.

Josh continues to act like he is a celebrity in the prison and of course, this is not sitting well with the inmates or the guards. In fact, he got fired from his prison job because of how arrogant he was.

Josh continues to try and get his case dropped and claims that his employees are the ones to blame and that they were the ones who downloaded the child pornography onto the computers there.

It turns out that he has been very crass toward the guards and inmates and makes really sexual and disturbing jokes with them. He has made inmates feel very uncomfortable and this should be telling in itself.

What will happen to Josh while he is in prison? Will Anna eventually decide to leave him? We will have to keep an eye on him to see how things go.

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