Josh Duggar Gets Bad Behavior Time Added To His Prison Stay

Josh DuggarJosh Duggar was sentenced to just over 12 years in prison for his C-SAM-related offenses and he ended up in Seagoville FCI. However, with good behavior, he could end up only serving about 85 percent of his sentence behind bars. Despite assuring the judge that he intended to be a really good boy in prison, he ended up being caught with a phone which he wasn’t allowed to have. So, he went into solitary confinement, Now it looks like he had good behavior time deducted, and that extended his stay behind bars.

Josh Duggar – Having A Phone Shocked His Cousin Amy Duggar

Amy King, who sometimes starred alongside her cousins on 19 Kids and Counting, seemed shocked that her cousin got access to a phone. In fact, she and her mom Deanna Duggar got together on Twitter and asked a bunch of questions. Notably, given the crimes that he committed, they wondered, “what was he looking at?” In fairness to prison officials, at least they caught him with it. Rumor has it that he openly used it and was caught red-handed.

Perhaps Josh Duggar felt so confident that he can win his appeal that he felt the rules in prison don’t apply to him. After all, he’s a famous face from the TLC network. Anyway, he was caught and probably sat in solitary with limited freedom for about a month now. Apart from being punished for that, it looks like he will now need to stay in prison for longer than previously expected.

Josh Duggar  – Adds Time To His Prison Stay

Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball has been keeping an eye out for any indication that having a phone might have resulted in time being added to his incarceration for not being a good boy. Checking it out she reported on Instagram this week, “the BOP has taken 10 days of “good time” from Josh’s sentence.” Notably, he has not yet found out the “judgment for the offense” involving the phone.

Josh Duggar Gets Bad Behavior Time Added To His Prison Stay
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Josh Duggar, Katie noted, originally had his release date set for “August 12, 2032.”  However, records now reveal that his expected release is set for “August 22, 2032.” Providing that he doesn’t win an appeal, it certainly seems that as the years go by, the release date might get more bad behavior days added. Bear in mind, he hasn’t even been in the prison for a full year yet.

Josh Duggar – TLC Fans Comment

19 Kids and Counting fans seem to think that Josh Duggar might break more rules in prison. One follower opined, “Josh will break more rules as time goes on. It’s inevitable.” In the replies, others agreed.

One of them said, “absolutely! He thinks he’s untouchable. Having the phone proves it.”

In a long comment, a follower talked about how Josh possibly thought he was “too smart for the guards to catch.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the son of Jim Bob Duggar will, learn from his solitary confinement? Or will he continue to break the rules and get more time inside tacked onto his stay? Let us know in the comments below.

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