Josh Duggar Allegedly Has A Boo Inside Prison

Josh DuggarJosh Duggar didn’t even complete a year in prison for CSAM-related offenses when he landed himself in hot water. The news started as a rumor, but it seems that prison officers caught him openly using a phone that he wasn’t allowed to have. Anyway, he ended up in solitary confinement. Now, more rumors suggest what punishment he received. But at the same time, sources alleged that Anna’s husband found a special boo inside.

Josh Duggar News – Gets Good Behavior Time Deducted?

The news that the former 19 Kids and Counting star lost some good behavior time arrived when the Bureau of Prisons changed his expected release date. At the time, it seemed as if his alleged phone possession had added about 10 days to time served. However, that changed again. Now it’s apparently sitting at more than forty days added. So presumably, the Seagoville Prison officials were very unhappy.

Josh Duggar, it was theorized by Katie Joy of Without  A Crystal Ball, might end up with a lot of lost privileges. From notes on the prison website, she deduced that having a phone might be considered one of the worst things a prisoner could do. In fact, the reason might be related to the fact that using a phone might aid in escape attempts. This weekend, sources suggested that his actual punishment had been revealed.

Josh Duggar News – Has A Boo?

When Katie Joy posted on Instagram this weekend, she claimed that her info came from sources who have loved ones in the same prison as the TLC alum. Obviously, as they can’t be named, their tea can only be taken as a rumor. Allegedly, the former 19 Kids and Counting star was punished with “75 days” in solitary confinement. Her sources also claimed that Josh also got “180 days without commissary, phone, email (if he gets email access) and visitors. He also lost 47 days of Good time.”

Josh Duggar Allegedly Has A Boo Inside Prison
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Right at the end of her post, Katie wrote that her sources allege that Josh Duggar “is rumored to have a “friend” on the inside ?.” Well, some fans didn’t get it, so in reply to questions, about if she meant a friend or a boyfriend, Katie just posted up a tiny ghost emoji: ?. Some people still didn’t get it, so others explained that she meant a boo. If you don’t know, The Urban Dictionary explains that these days it can mean “someone you care about. Someone who is a lifetime best friend.”

Josh Duggar News – If There’s Really A Boo – It Might Be Long-Time-No-See

Josh Duggar has reportedly been in solitary for some time now. As he allegedly has more time to go, he might not catch up with the alleged boo for some time. However, one thing that he does have, is time. Actually, his appeal might be impacted by his offense behind bars. It will be interesting to see what happens with that.

Notably, there is no way to confirm whether the former TLC star has a boo or not. For now, it’s probably best to take it with a pinch of salt.

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