Josh Duggar Allegedly Harshly Punished For Having A Phone In Prison

Josh Duggar19 Kids and Counting alum, Josh Duggar didn’t take long to run into problems in prison. Despite telling the judge that he would be an impeccable prisoner, he broke the rules within a year. If you don’t know, the former TLC star was busted for being in possession of a phone. Now that he has allegedly faced the music, he apparently got severely punished for it.

Josh Duggar Spoilers – Broke The Rules – Pays The Price?

Given the nature of his C-SAQM-related offenses, TLC fans were a bit taken aback that Josh got his hands on a phone in prison. Actually, his cousin Amy King and her mom Deanna Duggar were flabbergasted. Taking to TikTok, they revealed that they had some burning questions for Seagoville FCI. Of course, like their followers, they wondered what on earth he might have been looking at. Well, it’s been a  while now since he was busted, but now, speculation arrived that the former 19 Kids and Counting star ended up getting harshly punished for it.

Josh Duggar already got punished for having the phone, but this is extra punishment. He went into the prison’s solitary confinement unit. Apparently, it’s not at all nice in there, with limited hours for exercise. One thing that quickly did the rounds, is the news that Jim Bop Duggar’s son lost some of his good behavior days. So, he will stay inside for an extra 10 days. Actually, that recently changed to an extra 52 days which prompted YouTuber Katie Joy to look into his possible punishment.,

Josh Duggar Spoilers – Probable Severe Punishment

Katie Joy from Without A Crystal ball shared about it on her Instagram Stories. Additionally, she went onto her YouTube Vlog to discuss it in detail. If you don’t know she has some contacts with relatives in Seagolviile who seem to dish some fairly accurate tea. In fact, one of her sources leaked the news about the phone to her. At this time, it’s not known who was involved in obtaining it for Anna’s husband.

Josh Duggar Is Severely Punished For Having A Phone In Prison
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram Stories

The latest theory about Josh Duggar came after Katie looked at the Bureau of Prisons website that updated on his changed release date. Katie Joy saw that his offense was probably “classified as severe.” The website also notes that for severe punishment inmates can lose their good behavior time and more. In fact, such inmates can end up with the loss of privileges, fines, and freedom of movement. Apparently, the possession of a phone is very serious as it could be used to plot an escape.

Josh Duggar Spoilers – The Change In Release Date Indicates Harsh Punishment

Josh Duggar, Katie argued, seems to have been given some of the strongest punishments, considering that he possibly lost  all but “three days of his good behavior time.” Katie pointed out that he could be transferred. Or, “he might pay fines,” or “get additional charges filed against him.” In fact, she assessed the contents of the website and concluded that he might not even be able to get visitors at all.

Notably, this is an opinion by Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball, and might not reflect the actual punishments that might be handed to Josh.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the former TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Josh Duggar spoilers, news, and updates.

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