Jinger Vuolo Shares New Ideas on Alcohol And Birth Control

Duggar FamilyDuggar Family News reveals that Jinger Vuolo has started to open up a lot more about her famous family in her new tell-all book. From the looks of it, her beliefs have changed drastically now that she is raising her own family and away from her parents. In her book, she shares the fear that she grew up with and thinks that God could wish death on her at any moment. She felt that living in fear was all part of the cult-like religion that she grew up in, but now she has opened up about her beliefs in alcohol and birth control.

Jinger Vuolo’s – New Views

The Duggar family was raised in a very strict, fundamentalist Christian household. Their parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar believed that they should continue to have children because it was God’s will. This belief seems to have passed on to many of the children, but Jinger now has a different take on some of the things she learned as a child. She opened up about dating and courtships to her fans as well. She said, “I’ve seen more people honor God- and live a very beautiful life- who have dated, and sometimes even better than courtship. I could be so consumed with that- with having a chaperon, with not kissing before you’re married, and not holding hands before you’re engaged. All of these things that I had set up for myself that now I kind of laugh at.”

Part of her book is sharing with her fans that you can still live a life serving God, but there are things that you can still do. For example, drinking alcohol. She said, “The Bible is very clear about drinking, and it simply says that alcohol is not a sin. Jesus made wine at a wedding. I don’t have a problem with other Christians. It’s their liberty to drink if they so choose.”

Jinger Vuolo – The Birth Control Issue

Not only does Jinger open up about alcohol, but she will also touch on the topic of birth control. Her parents did not believe in any form of it and that is what led them to have all of their children. She always thought that birth control was wrong because of how her parents taught them. Now she doesn’t see it as wrong at all. She feels that if couples want to use it, they should and they should not feel bad about it at all.

It seems as if Jinger’s book is getting a lot of backlash from those in the IBLP movement. Fans think that her parents are worried about what she will reveal, but fans can buy the book on January 31 to find out what secrets she dives into.

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