Is Jinger Vuolo Sick? Her Appearance Shocks Fans

Duggar Family Duggar family news reveals that fans are showing a lot of concern about the fact that Jinger Vuolo may be sick or fighting off an eating disorder. She has opened up about battling eating disorders before and some of her fans think that she may be dealing with it again.

Duggar Family News – The Newest Instagram

In Jinger’s newest Instagram post, she has brought up a lot of major concerns. She has experimented with “extreme dieting” before and now it looks as if she could be in the same boat, at least that’s what her fans think. Her new picture shows her with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo and they were out for ice cream. She captioned her picture, “We all scream for ice cream” and the picture features her daughter eating ice cream.

The way that she looks in her picture is very pale and thin and even her fans remarked about how she looked “like a ghost” in the picture. This brought up a lot of concerns and her fans started to remark about it on Reddit.

Duggar Family News – Fan Reactions

All it took was one fan to post the picture on Reddit to raise more concern about Jinger’s health these days. Most of her fans are concerned that she could be battling an eating disorder again and this had them all pretty worried. Many of them remarked that she is so thin these days and there were even some fans that mentioned that they didn’t recognize who she was by the picture.

One fan wrote, “This honestly makes me so sad. She does not look well at all. She looks like a shell of herself. Her face looks worryingly thin and drawn.” Another mentioned that she looked depressed and pointed out that her hair hasn’t even been brushed and she doesn’t look happy anymore.

We hope that Jinger is doing alright these days and that this is just a bad picture. We will continue to keep an eye on her to see how she is doing.

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