Counting On News: James Duggar Escapes To Europe

Duggar FamilyDuggar Family News reveals that fans were shocked to see James Duggar running off to Europe amid his sister’s book release. He recently landed in Europe with some of his friends and some fans think that he is fleeing his family. He has started to document his trip for his fans and from the looks of it, he really is trying to get away from the very strict rules that his parents have for him. He no longer seems like the golden child they wanted him to be, but now he has turned rebellious.

Duggar Family News – The Europe Trip

Just this past weekend, James revealed that he was in Italy with his friends. He shared some photos on social media of his trip and he looks like he is having a great time. In one of the first photos, it looks as if he is at the pub with his friends. There were wine glasses all over the table and this made fans think that James Duggar was already breaking Jim Bob Duggar’s rules about drinking. This was very shocking to see since his religion clearly says that no drinking is allowed at all.

This trip isn’t generally something that the Duggars would do and that is why fans were shocked to see him leave for Europe. The Duggars aren’t exactly the traveling type of family, so this is new for him. This trip actually came at a very interesting time too. When his sister, Jinger Vuolo released her book, he showed her so much support. This book has revealed a lot of things about their famous family and their religion. He was quick to jump on board for her and completely show that he supported her exposing their family’s strict rules.

Duggar Family News – James Dggar Exciting Times In Europe

James was very happy to share his adventures with his fans. He has shared many parts of the trip so far and from the looks of it, he has quite a few days left in Europe. He shared photos of himself walking around in London and even having lunch at a British pub with his friends. Another reason that his fans were shocked by this was the fact that his parents never allowed them to travel abroad. They never wanted their kids to live in major cities while they were growing up. They felt that these major cities were not the holiest for their children.

Now that James is out and on his own, it looks like he is ready to take on the world, literally. His fans are happy to see him out and about and enjoying life.

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