Source Claims Jim Bob Duggar Blamed Wife Michelle For Josh Duggar’s Pedophilia Problem

Jim Bob DuggarDuggar Family news reveals that a family insider claims that Jim Bob Duggar blames his wife Michelle for his son Josh Duggar’s child pornography issues. Continue reading and we’ll spill the beans.

Duggar Family News – Shady Past

Duggar Family news reveals that, according to Cinema Blend, Josh has been spending his days in a federal prison in Seagoville, Texas after being sentenced to 151 months (about 12 and a half years) for downloading and possessing child pornography.

Though he maintains his innocence and is appealing his conviction, there has been some additional investigation into the former 19 Kids and Counting star’s behavior prior to federal agents raiding his place of business in 2021. There has also been growing interest in his father, Jim Bob Duggar’s past behavior as well.

Duggar Family News –  Just Duggar’s Past Bubbling To The Surface

19 Kids and Counting fans will recall the scandal involving Josh years earlier when In Touch reported that Josh had molested some girls including several of his own sisters. The family had handled the incident quietly and essentially swept it under the proverbial rug, having it sealed.

However, his chilling confession to the police was later accessed via the Freedom of Information Act. Duggar had reportedly filed a lawsuit to try and put the cat back in the bag but lost the case and subsequent appeals

Duggar Family News – Return To Business As Usual

At the time, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled, and people forgot. Eventually, Josh got married to his wife anna and they had seven children. Several of the Duggar brood joined the TLC spinoff Counting On cast, and Josh even found employment with the evangelical activist group – Family Research Council.

He eventually switched to selling cars after another scandal surrounding the Ashley Madison Cheating website. Throughout this period, Jim Bob and Michelle still reportedly controlled everything behind the scenes including most of the money from the reality TV show.

Did Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Create a Monster?

A new report from Without a Crystal Ball revealed that early in the history of Josh’s issues, his parents were aware and even crafted narratives to explain away his bad and even criminal behavior. According to an insider, Jim Bob apparently threw his wife into the street over the issue.

“ In 2006, Michelle had told her friends the reason Josh was the way he was is because when he was eight years old [sic] he found a box of men’s magazines. And that was why he did what he did. Well, Michelle’s story didn’t match what Jim Bob’s story was.

“So, once Jim Bob started talking to his friends, this friend told me that he actually started blaming Michelle. He told a bunch of the people at church that Michelle was promiscuous in high school and because she was promiscuous in high school, and because she would sometimes self-please herself, Josh inherited her tendencies.”

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