Jeremy Vuolo Speaks Out To Fans About Getting Arrested

Duggar Family News reveals that Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s husband has started to open up more about his past. Fans of the Duggars were first introduced to him on the show when he began courting Jinger. Even though fans of Counting On have seen a lot of Jeremy, there are a few that don’t know that much about him.

Most of them know that he used to play professional soccer, but decided to change his career for something that suited him better. He has been focusing on his moral lifestyle, but he wasn’t always this way. Let’s find out what he has said about his past.

Jeremy Vuolo’s Newest Post

Jeremy and Jinger are very active on social media and they have quite a few followers who love to keep up with them.

Jeremy Vuolo

Jeremy is a pastor now in Los Angeles and it was quite the change from when he used to play sports professionally.

He does share a lot of religious content and very positive messages with his followers. He also loves to show off his dad life with his daughters, Evangeline and Felicity.

It turns out that Jeremy wanted to share a lot more information about himself with his fans in his newest post. He shared a video with his fans and in it, he was giving a speech to a group of men and this was during one of the sessions that he did at a Christian camp.

Jeremy Vuolo – How Did Jeremy Vuolo Become A Christian?

In this video, Jeremy was asked by one of the men about how he actually became a Christian. He told the men that he really wasn’t too sure about how he became one, but there were a lot of moments that were pivotal in the lifestyle change that he made.

Jeremy was raised in a very Christian home, but he still had to work his way to where he is now. He told these men that in high school and college, he had a really tough time in life. He added that he “got into some trouble just hanging with the wrong crowd.”

He went on to say, “I remember sitting in a little jail cell in the police station reflecting and thinking, “Okay, I can’t live like this and call myself a Christian. So, I either live for myself and go into the world and enjoy it while I can or I need to live for Christ.”

Vuolo mentioned that he went out drinking with some of his friends in the past and he actually grabbed a police officer.

That was when he got arrested and had to pay a fine. According to his video, this was one of the biggest turning points for him. There is more of this video on his Instagram account and you can check it out.

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