Counting On Anna Duggar Refused To See Red Flags?

counting on anna duggar

The Counting On spoilers suggests that Anna Duggar refused to see the red flags. She has remained faithful to her husband Josh despite his crimes. However, some believe that were many red flags that she ignored along the way. Even when it came to how he treated her. Keep on reading to learn more.

Counting On Spoilers: Did Anna Duggar Ignore Red Flags?

The fans are bringing up the many red flags that Anna Duggar failed to notice. One mentioned the time that Anna had to crawl underneath the table because Josh didn’t want to move over on Reddit. Other fans took to the thread to share their thoughts.

“Pretty sure she was pregnant at the time too!” one fan noted. “Omg that’s even worse! Not surprising…but worse!”

“I remember cause she was pregnant and he wouldn’t get the drink himself. Lazy piece of sh*t,” a third chimed in. “I’m surprised he didn’t hand her the baby first before she went under the table,” another wrote.

The Counting On spoilers revealed another red flag that Anna Duggar ignored. Another fan took to Reddit to share a screenshot of Josh taking a nap while his wife was in labor. Other users noted that he wasn’t that upset about missing it. They believe he only faked it for the TLC series.

“He’s such a useless piece of sh*t,” one fan wrote. “She should have taken the other pillow and smothered him,” another joked.

Was Anna Duggar Ignoring The Signs?

Once again, Josh Duggar is getting attention thanks to the new docuseries on Hulu called The Ashley Madison Affair. One user shared a screenshot of Josh calling himself the “biggest hypocrite ever” and admitting that he was “unfaithful to my wife.”

This is a huge red flag that Anna overlooked. She stood by his side even after he cheated on her several times, including with an adult entertainer. Fans think he deserves all the negative attention he’s getting with The Ashley Madison Affair and with Shiny Happy People.

Some fans admitted to divorcing their husbands when they found out they were cheating on Ashley Madison. Others noted that Josh’s apology to his wife wasn’t enough. They argued that he didn’t sound like he was even sorry.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Anna Duggar ignored the red flags in her marriage to Josh? Do you think she’ll remain committed to him? Sound off below in the comment section.

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