Is Savannah Hurting Nanny Faye By Complaining About Prison?

Nanny Faye was the beloved star of Chrisley Knows Best and nobody ever went for her. However, with Savannah going off about prison conditions now that Todd and Julie are incarcerated, is she hurting her grandmother? These days, some snarky comments started arriving on social media about the old lady.

Nanny Faye – Was Loved & Fans Feared For Her

Throughout the USA Network show, Todd’s mom got the love and laughs. Actually, she often stole the show from her son. Fans adored her quirky ways and she often got up to mischief. Fans really wished that she were their grandmother. When she got cancer, fans were terrified for her. And, when Todd went to prison, they felt brokenhearted for his mom.

Nanny Faye shared her pain about her son going to prison when she spoke with Lindsie on her podcast earlier this year. She feels bad, but she said she intends to keep things private because no way was she going to let the media exploit her. Still, she admitted, “I don’t know that I have been this broken in many days.”

Is Savannah Hurting Nanny Faye By Complaining About Prison?

Nanny Faye – Hurt By Savanah Chrisley?

Initially, critics of Todd and Julie were few, considering that they went to jail for tax and fraud-related crimes. However, as Savannah started campaigning and declared herself the “poster child” for prison reform, a lot of people slammed her. Mainly, it seems that they feel angry because she didn’t care about prison conditions before it happened to her parents. On social media, people start slapping at the entire family.

Is Savannah Hurting Nanny Faye By Complaining About Prison
Via u/commonsmedia / Reddit

Nanny Faye appeared in a photo that was shared on Reddit by u/commonsmedia. The Chrisley Knows Best social page has a lot of followers, and the post wasn’t snarky. The photo of Savannah’s grandmother showed her dressed and ready to roll at an airport. Meanwhile, the caption simply said, “Nanny Faye- world traveler.”

Nanny Faye – Snarky Comments

Nanny Faye, possibly for the first time seems to have more snarkers than adorers. One person wrote, “Where is she going with her winter get up? Its hot as hell in the south. Guess she’s traveling with the money she helped steal. SMH. No shame!!”

Another person commented, “Is she goin to visit her criminal son or did she go pick up some money in an account in one of their off shore accounts?”

As Savannah’s grandma is reportedly tight for cash at the moment, a snarker said, “That LB bag costs a pretty penny, do tell.”

What are your thoughts about the old lady taking some heat on social media? Do you think that as Savannah makes herself more and more unpopular, that it has rubbed off on Todd’s mom? Let us know in the comments below.

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