Donald Trump Wants To Battle Meghan Markle

Even though it’s been years since she’s uttered his name, it seems like he can’t get her name out of his head.

There’s a new report that says former President Donald Trump wants to “battle” Meghan Markle.

In other words, he wants to have an on-stage debate with the Duchess of Sussex. Apparently, Trump wants to find out “what’s in her head,” as he believes that Meghan did not treat Queen Elizabeth with the respect that she deserved while she was still alive.

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Donald Trump Wants To Battle Meghan Markle

Royal Family News: Donald Trump Wants To Battle Meghan Markle

According to the Daily Mail, Donald Trump told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he apparently wants to debate the Duchess of Sussex mostly because he didn’t like the way that she “dealt with the Queen.”

He also suggested that at the age of 96, Queen Elizabeth was much “sharper” than President Joe Biden, who is currently 80.

Trump put it this way, “Let’s set it up. Let’s go do something. I’d love to debate her. I would love it.

I didn’t like the way she dealt with the Queen.

I became very friendly with the Queen. She was an incredible woman. ‘I think it’s not a good situation going on with the two of them, but I didn’t know that they don’t like me.

Somebody mentioned it might be possible. They wouldn’t be the only ones.”

Royal Family News: Trump Compared The Queen To Joe Biden

In his same interview, Trump also compared the late Queen Elizabeth to Joe Biden. He said, “At 95, she was so sharp.

She was 100%. When you watch Biden, you say this is a different planet.”

Now, as far as whether or not Meghan Markle will take up Donald’s offer remains to be seen, but it’s doubtful that he will.

But then again, when Donald Trump visited Buckingham Palace back in 2019, the Duchess of Sussex didn’t want to be anywhere near him.

She used her pregnancy at the time as an excuse to not attend the state dinner that the Trumps were invited to.

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