Is Savannah Chrisley Scratching For Communication From Nic Kerdiles

Savannah Chrisley is apparently broken after her former fiance, Nic Kerfiles passed away in a motorcycle accident this past weekend. Chrisley Knows Best fans also think of his own family because they were close. And some people cut Todd’s daughter some slack for a bit. But is she scratching for signs that Nic’s sending her signs from Heaven? Read on to find out.

Savannah Chrisley – Wanted A Sign From Heaven

Kyle, Todd’s oldest son posted about the loss of a friend. He confirmed that “It’s devastating for our family and my heart aches for his. Nic was a good soul all the way around.” Additionally, he mentioned Todd and Julie’s daughter, saying, “Savannah is beside herself.” As for Savannah, one of her early posts on stories after Nic’s death was confirmed, revealed that she asked him for a sign that he was okay.

Savannah Chrisley requested a sign from Nic Kerdiles. In it, she listed the number of ways that her former fiance might let her know he was okay. They included things involving food like “carrot cake…pasta and sauce… and a cheese crepe.” Possibly, humankind has done this sort of thing since they got enough brain cells to understand the permanency of death. and turned to things spiritual.

Is Savannah Chrisley Scratching For Communication From Nic KerdilesDid Nic Kerdiles Communicate?

When Whitney Way Thore’s mom passed away, the TLC star believed that Babs communicated with her. She’d discussed her mom sending her a sign with a bird. Babs opted for a red cardinal bird. Although there were not many around, one suddenly appeared in the garden. Did something like that happen with the USA Network alum? Todd’s daughter seems to think so.

Is Savannah Chrisley Scratching For Heavely Communication from Nic Kerdiles
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Savannah Chrisley shared a follow-up story that showed a friend’s message who saw her mom make a cheese crepe. And, she had never made one before. It seemed random, and the mom had no idea that Kyle’s sister mentioned a cheese crepe in her wishlist from Nic. Well, it seemed real to Nic’s ex, and she put up a tearful emoji.

Savannah Chrisley – Scratching For Signs?

People might mock Savannah Chrisley for thinking that dead people can communicate with cheese crepes. However, it seemed real to her, and it gave her some comfort. Does it matter if anyone else thinks she’s just scratching? Probably, skeptics won’t ever change her mind. After all, everyone grieves in their own way, and every human has hope for a life after death.

What do you think about the Chrisley Knows Best star believing that Nic Kerdiles sent her a sign from Heaven? Do you think the cheese crepe recipe might have been his idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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