Tom Sandoval Gives Vanderpump Rules Fan A ‘Jump Scare’

Vanderpump Rules fans still have not forgiven Tom Sandoval for cheating on Ariana Madix. Across social media, many people still snipe at him. And now, he gave a fan a “jump scare.” What happened? How did he do that? Read on to find out.

Vanderpump Rules – Tom Sandoval Found A Lot Of Haters

Ariana Madix seemed shocked that her full-time live-in lover had cheated on her with Rachel Leviss. Bravo fans went crazy, and Andy Cohen called for calm. Sheana Shay dissed him and ditched their friendship. While the media went wild and Dancing with the Stars gave Ariana a role as a reward for being stoic, her ex went off quietly and took part in Fox’s Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Season 2 

Vanderpump Rules fans were thrilled and delighted to hear that while he was in New Zealand, alongside Savannah Chrisley, Tom apparently took a beating. When he shared aboutAn ass kicking” which he agreed he “needed,” he was seriously trolled. Actually, people felt a bit surprised that he left the comments open in the post. And, now that he gave a fan a jump scare, they troll him all over again.

Tom Sandoval Gives Vanderpump Rules Fan A 'Jump Scare'Vanderpump Rules – Tom Sandoval’s Jump Scare

Tom probably didn’t mean to give the fan a jump scare because he wasn’t actually there in person when they crossed paths. Instead, he was on a huge billboard for the Special Forces show. On Reddit, u/Ambitious_Crow7207 said, “Saw this on my commute and almost crashed.” They added, “Sandoval jump scare.”

Tom Sandoval Gives Vanderpump Rules Fan A Jump Scare
u/Ambitious_Crow7207 / Reddit

Vanderpump Rules fans who saw the post joined in the conversation about the Fox/Bravo star. Actually, it seems from the tone of the comments that he’s not improved his standing with VPR fans in the slightest. Naturally, they gave him a drubbing.

Vanderpump Rules – Comments From Bravo Fans

Vanderpump Rules fans had a lot to say and one of them asked,  “Why would they use him on their billboard of all people 🙄[?] Well, it is possible it’s because he lives locally, or he could be useful to get attention for the show, given the publicity about “Scandoval.”

Here are a few more comments from the community:

lol great, now Tom is going to think he’s better than actual green berets and/or delta force.

Omfg you know he’s so stoked about these billboards. 😹😹

His ego just hit me here in Florida. Gross.

Thank god I don’t have to drive this way for my commute anymore.

throw a tomato at it.”

What do you think about Tom being on the billard for the show? Do you think they should have used someone else in the cast? Be sure to stay up to speed on Vanderpump Rules and other Bravo-related stories. Return here often for more Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Season 2 news, spoilers, and updates.

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