Is Josh Duggar Safe In The Texas Prison?

Duggar Family News reveals that fans of Josh Duggar have started to show some concern that he may not be safe in the Texas prison where he is being held.

His legal team has tried time and time again to appeal his case of possession of child pornography and he continues to tell everyone that he is innocent. Josh has been blaming this on former employees of his used car lot, but this employee continues to deny it all.

Now it looks like there have been rumors about the prison where Duggar is being held. The conditions there may not exactly be safe. Let’s take a deeper look at what some fans are saying.

Josh Duggar’s High-Profile Case

Being a celebrity and going to prison aren’t two things that mix very well together. In fact, this is one of the reasons that fans think that Josh isn’t safe.

Is Josh Duggar Safe In The Texas Prison?There have been multiple posts about how terrible living conditions in this prison are and now Redditors have started to share more details.

In a recent Reddit post, it was pointed out that one of the inmates had actually been stabbed in the same prison where Josh is living.

The post read, “The Federa Bureau of Prisons is under fire for another breach of security leading to the stabbing of Derek Chauvin, the guy who killed George Floyd. Just months ago, Larry Nassar was stabbed for the second time. 89-year-old Whitey Bulger was killed by another inmate. Jeffrey Epstein was able to off himself due to extreme negligence of prison staff.”

Redditors Weigh In

When this post went up, Redditors were quick to share their thoughts. One added, “All these men were under protective custody because they were high profile yet they were still attacked. BOP has a serious shortage of qualified staff.

And federal prisons are considered safer than state prisons!” Redditors then decided that it was time to weigh in on Duggar’s safety in prison.

One shared, “He will eventually annoy someone enough to at least get beat up.” One more wrote, “Duggar is cocky and not very bright. He’s never been held accountable for ANYTHING. He may well get his a** beat for his attitude” Interestingly enough Redditors mention how he has never been held accountable. His parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, most certainly never did and this has been evident in his behavior over the years.

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