Counting On Jill Dillard Could Become A Millionaire, Here’s Why!

The Counting On spoilers reveal why Jill Dillard could become a millionaire. She opened up about not receiving money for her appearances on both TLC shows. However, theories suggest that she could become the family’s first millionaire. Keep on reading to learn more.

Counting On Spoilers – Jill Dillard On Track To Become A Millionaire

According to the Counting On spoilers, Jill Dillard could be on track to become a millionaire. The user Happy-Tramper posted a theory on Reddit with the thread title: “My theory: Jill will be a millionaire by the end of the year if she isn’t already.”

The original poster included their calculations in the lengthy post. Jill released her new book titled Counting the Cost, which reveals the unedited truth about the Duggars.

Counting On Jill Dillard Could Become A Millionaire, Here's Why!The user claims they’re familiar with how book advances and royalties work. Jill could receive an advance, which is similar to a sign-on bonus.

When she signs an advance, she will earn a dollar from the book sales before receiving any additional royalty payments. The book was released in multiple formats. For each sale of the book, Jill will earn between 7.5% to 30%.

The user noted: “It’s safe to say that a $500,000 advance is in Jill’s ballpark if you look at other Christianity-forward reality star authors.”

The numbers aren’t out there, but the Counting On spoilers suggest that Jill Dillard sold thousands of books. Counting the Cost quickly became a New York Times bestseller. If the figures match up, Jill could be on her way to becoming a millionaire.

Counting On Spoilers – How Much Did Jill Dillard Earn?

Fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. One user noted: “Derick said they got $50k upfront. Not $500k.” Another user argued: “I work in publishing and I believe you are way over-inflating these numbers. I would believe the $50k advance story.”

A third user commented: “Your math is off here. Jill’s book has sold well, but not hundreds of thousands of copies.”

The Counting On spoilers suggests that the sales of Jill Dillard’s book have been kept under wraps. However, it is common that authors will receive an up-front payment, regardless of how many books they sell.

Britney Spears received a $15 million book deal for her memoir, which is out Tuesday, October 24. Celebrity tell-alls come with a high price tag.

While Jill might not become a millionaire, she’s likely to do well from her book deal. What are your thoughts?

Do you think Jill Dillard will become a millionaire? Do you think the numbers are overinflated? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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