Grey’s Anatomy Star Kim Raver Talks Filming Without Ellen Pompeo

Kim Raver talks Grey's Anatomy without Ellen Pompeo
Kim Raver [Image extratv/YouTube]

Grey’s Anatomy fans are still heartbroken after Ellen Pompeo decided to leave her role as Dr. Meredith Grey. On top of this, another long-term star of the series, Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce is also leaving the show. What is the hit medical series like without Pompeo? Kim Raver, who plays Teddy Altman and also guest directs the show, opens up about what it is like to film without Pompeo in the house.

Kim Raver on Grey’s Anatomy without Ellen Pompeo

Kim Raver - director
Kim Raver makes directorial debut on Grey’s Anatomy [Image @greysabc/Instagram]

In an interview with Extra, Grey’s Anatomy star Kim Raver, who plays Dr. Teddy Altman, opened up about filming the series without Ellen Pompeo. She went on to reveal the impact Pompeo had on the long-running medical drama.

Meanwhile, since the news of Pompeo’s exit from the show, other stars have taken on larger roles, including Raver’s character, Teddy Altman. Since she first appeared in the series in 2009, the character has had to deal with personal and professional hurdles, including her relationship with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Moreover, Dr. Altman has taken over as chief of surgery, while Raver herself did her first directing stint recently.

Raver still feels Pompeo’s presence

Kelly McCreary and Ellen Pompeo
Kelly McCreary and Ellen Pompeo [Image @seekellymccreary/Instagram]

Despite Pompeo leaving, Raver said that the actress is still very much a part of Grey’s Anatomy and not just for being the narrator, saying:

I really still feel her presence there, especially when I was directing, when I was editing. You know, her voice over is there. Just the other day, I saw her, she was biking from her trailer – I guess to go do ADR – so she is very much there, and I think she really paved the way for me, for example, having the opportunity to direct and this wonderful… We are such an ensemble show.

Questions surrounding Pompeo’s future have been brought up, especially now Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed. Her character, Meredith, is still mentioned by other characters and is said to be making an appearance in the season 19 finale.

While Teddy is now chief of surgery and new residents have joined the hospital, the story continues without Meredith. As with Teddy’s promotion, Meredith’s leaving could provide more room for other characters to develop. If this happens, fans might see the hospital drama continue past season 20.

When Extra asked Raver if she has more directing to do in the future, she replied, “Well, Debbie Allen asked me to direct another episode… I’m so excited to keep getting better at it and learning and telling more stories.”

Moreover, the Grey’s Anatomy star said she hopes to see her character continue growing, saying:

I can’t wait to see Teddy evolve in these new choices and in her work field and friendships and in her marriage.

Watch the full interview with Kim Raver here:

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