Frasier Crane Has Reentered The Building In First Trailer Of Paramount+ Reboot

Paramount+ releases first trailer for Frasier reboot
[Image @frasier/Instagram]

Frasier Crane has officially reentered the building as he arrives in Boston and tries to connect with his son, Freddy. It is clear that Kelsey Grammer’s character is as snooty as ever, while not allowing Freddy, to sit on his couch in jeans. Moreover, he has now met his son’s girlfriend but is having little success with family time in Boston.

First trailer revealed for Frasier reboot

Recently, Frasier fans were thrilled to hear that the sitcom was being rebooted, complete with Kelsey Grammer in the lead. Frasier has quit Seattle and returned to his original stomping grounds in Boston while trying to connect with family.

Paramount+ releases first trailer for Frasier reboot
[Image @frasier/Instagram]

While Paramount+ had shared teasers for the reboot, including the series’ theme song, they have now released a first teaser to give fans an idea of what to expect.

For those who don’t know his character, Frasier, Grammer first achieved fame in the sitcom, Cheers, which led to his spinoff show, Frasier. Meanwhile, the rebooted series will reveal his return to Boston and the challenges he has to face.

New show, new city, same character

Paramount+ releases first trailer for Frasier reboot
[Image @frasier/Instagram]

As per the Paramount+ logline, Frasier is again being filmed in front of a live studio audience, as Dr. Crane returns to Boston for a new chapter in his life. Meanwhile, one major challenge involves his son, Freddy (Jack Cutmore-Scott) and his girlfriend, Eve (Jess Salgueiro) who Frasier doesn’t know about.

As noted by CNN, it is clear from the trailer that Grammer’s character has not changed a bit, which in some ways is bad (his snobbery), and the fact that he is basically a good man with good intentions. Frasier now needs to prove this to Freddy, Eve, and his new group of friends that fans can meet in the trailer.

Meanwhile, Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight will reportedly offer fans a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of the rebooted sitcom. This will include interviews earlier this year with the cast and creators. Fans will get to watch the half-hour special, Frasier: Inside the Series on October 6 on Paramount+. Moreover, it will air on select CBS stations nationwide the following day.

More importantly, the first two episodes of the Frasier reboot will premiere on October 12, followed by new episodes each Thursday on Paramount+

Readers can enjoy their first official peek into the Frasier reboot in the trailer included here:

Readers, are you fans of the original Frasier series (and maybe even Cheers?) and are you looking forward to seeing Kelsey Grammer play the role as famously snobby as ever? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


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