EastEnders Spoilers: Lola Pearce Is Baffled By A Mysterious Twist Tied Up With Emma

EastEnders - Lola PearceEastEnders spoilers, news, and updates tease that Lola Pearce was shocked in the recent twist with the new narrative in the series.

Lola Pearce, played by Danielle Harold, was shaken up by Emma Harding’s actions in a recent episode. Fans of the soap opera know that Emma Harding (played by Patsy Kensit) is Lola’s long-lost mother. And in a recent episode, Lola is sort of confused about what’s happening with her life, especially when ‘Nicole’ walks into her life.

Emma tried to get closer to Lola by posing as a client named Nicole at a salon where Lola works. She tried to go back to the salon, pretending to need a manicure while she was in Walford.

EastEnders Spoilers – Lola Pearce’s Vlogging

Lola has recently tried sharing her life as a terminal cancer patient online. And Emma stumbled upon this one video, which made her realize why Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) tried to reunite the two of them.

Emma, posing as customer Nicole, began asking Lola a lot of questions about her life. She found out that Lola’s daughter, Lexi (Isabella Brown), was being bullied by a classmate, Maisie, because of the vlogs Lola posted.

It was later revealed that Emma went to Lexi’s school, and as Maisie walked out of the school premises, she grabbed her and threatened her that if she picked on Lexi again, she would see her again.

EastEnders Spoilers – Emma Harding Continues To Meddle With Emma Harding’s Life

Emma also mysteriously goes to No. 18 to leave an envelope in the mailbox. Lexi went on to get the mail and delivered it to her mom, Lola. Lola discovered that the envelope contained £1,00,0 which was meant to help her during these tough times.

Lola is shocked, even scared, upon receiving the letter as she thinks that someone who watches her vlog could have gotten a hold of her personal address. She immediately went out and asked her neighbors if they saw someone leave mail for her.

The mother and daughter, including Jay Brown (played by Jamie Borthwick), were left bewildered as to who the money came from.

The cancer angle in the narrative for Lola’s character was revealed in October last year with the help of Macmillan Cancer Support and Brain Tumour Research. The collaboration made Lola’s narrative more realistic, as it could help raise awareness about the disease.

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