Did Whitney Way Thore Ever Get Her Gastric Surgery?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans heard Whitney Way Thore saying that nobody could love her because she is larger than average. That came after her split from Chase Sevrino, and things weren’t going well with her French tutor.  She talked about getting gastric surgery in Season 9. But she did ever get around to doing that?

Whitney Way Thore – Did Not Get Gastric Surgery In Season 10

Many people slammed the TLC star because by saying that large people couldn’t be loved, it seemed to disempower other women.

Others speculated that if she lost weight there wouldn’t be a show anymore. Still, fans expected to see her get her gastric surgery in season 10. That didn’t happen, and instead, people watched her mom, Babs struggle to recover from her second stroke.

Did Whitney Way Thore Ever Get Her Gastric Surgery?It is very seldom that Whitney Way Thore offers information about her weight. However, fans noticed that ahead of Season 11, she seemed to look much slimmer. One lucky fan got an update in a Q&A when they asked about weight loss. At one stage, the daughter of Glenn said that she weighed about 385 lbs. In the update, she said that she came in at 309 lbs. So, she’d lost about  76 pounds.

Did Whitney Way Thore Lose The Weight From Surgery?

Recently, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star spoke with Entertainment Tonight. In her chat with Deidre Behar, she admitted that lots of people ask about her weight. Actually, she doesn’t really like to talk about numbers. But, she confessed that she definitely shed some pounds.

Did Whitney Way Thore Ever Get Her Gastric Surgery
Entertainment Tonight / YouTube

Whitney Way Thore squashed any rumors that she secretly had a gastric surgery procedure. In fact, it seems that she changed her mind about it since season 9. She explained that it’s simply the “grief” of mourning her mom that led to losing more weight. Babs died and fans watched the funeral on the premiere of Season 11.

Whitney Way Thore – No To Surgery?

Whitney Way Thore talked about ways of losing weight and mentioned Ozempic. She doesn’t believe in using that and it seems that she equates surgery with those who need it. As she is used to being larger than average, she probably won’t go down that road. Perhaps she might one day change her mind.

People often speculate that she might not lose weight or go for surgery because what could the show possibly cover if she suddenly became Miss Twiggy? Already, if her mom hadn’t passed away, apart from manhunting, there’s not not else apart from being larger than average, after all.

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SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight

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