Is TLC Deliberately Putting Down Meri On Sister Wives?

Sister Wives premiered Season 18 and that means lots of chatter on social media and this week Meri Brown is the focus of that. TLC fans are discussing whether the crew doesn’t like her, so they make her look bad. What’s it all about? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown In Season 18

Meri made fans laugh so hard that she nearly trended on Twitter. That came when she talked about her turkey. Remember, she said that Kody loved her turkey until he got Robyn’s. Then she added for good measure, “He did sign up for liking everybody’s turkeys,” before she said, “Can we just stop?” Fans had a lot of fun with that and memes and comments went around for days.

Apart from that scene in the first episode of Sister Wives, some people were really irritated with so much of Season 17 coming as refresher filler. As if they could forget what happened! At the moment. Robyn is making much about her kids and fans were a bit shocked that she told Meri she needs to help because Kody needs her kid so badly. Meri actually looked a bit stunned.

Meri Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans Discuss The Crew And Meri Brown’s Hair

Meri went into her confessional and her hair looked nearly as wild as Kody’s. U/TeacherstephLV grabbed a screenshot and then posted it on Reddit. In their caption, they wrote, “Seriously, what is going on with her hair?!?” 

One witty member of the community commented, “She scratched her head too much trying to figure out what Robyn is talking about.” That one got upvoted over a hundred times!

TLC via u/TeacherstephLV / Reddit

The conversation among the Sister Wives viewers included comments about how she needs to really run away from Kody forever. Then there were comments about how her life has seriously been quite a sad tale. It couldn’t have been easy for her to be rejected so publicly. But others started talking about TLC and the production crew.

TLC & The Filming Crew – Don’t Like Kody Brown’s Former 1st Wife?

Talking about the hair sticking out, a Sister Wives fan said, “I was dying! She’s just sittin’ thar recording an interview for millions of viewers with a piece of har stickin’ straight out of her head and the crew says nothing ?.”

Others also talked about it. One person noted, “You can always tell when production dislikes the ‘talent.”

What do you think about the fact that none of the crew seemed bothered to tell Meri Brown that her hair looked crazy wild? Do you think they try and make her look bad because they don’t like her? Let us know in the comments below.

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