Did Todd & Julie Chrisley Leave Kids With Money?

Fans want to know if Todd and Julie Chrisley left the kids with any money. It appears that Savannah Chrisley is hard up for money since she announced they are filming a reality show. She also claimed that she also was starting a career in real estate. Keep on reading to learn more.

Savannah Chrisley – Claims They’re Financially Set

Last month, Savannah invited her son Grayson onto her Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley podcast. He opened up on his thoughts about Todd and Julie Chrisley ending up in jail. He admitted that he’s not as positive as his sister Savannah.

Some fans called it the most entitled podcast ever. They didn’t appreciate the way that Todd and Julie’s son felt about the ordeal. Their kids have been labeled as “delusional” since they believe their parents are innocent.

Julie Chrisley

During the podcast, Savannah revealed that the kids are financially set. Both she and Grayson are fine with their finances. However, she didn’t reveal how much they have and how they have that money. Savannah could’ve likely gotten her money from the reality show, her Unlocked podcast, and her Sassy by Savannah makeup line.

Did Todd And Julie Chrisley Leave Money Behind?

There’s still a lot of talk about the Chrisley kids’ financial situation. Fans wonder if Todd and Julie Chrisley left money behind. One fan brought it up on Reddit. The original poster asked whether the parents left money behind for Savannah and the kids.

Other fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. Most claim that the Federal government has already seized their assets, including their bank accounts. There’s no way that Todd and Julie could leave money behind for their kids given the situation itself.

“If they were going to spend over $1k on something they had to get it approved by a lawyer that the courts appointed to manage the money they had,” one user noted.

Another wondered how Savannah Chrisley traveled to the Cayman Islands. They wonder if the family stashed away money so she could enjoy her lifestyle. Others noted that it was “stupid” for Savannah to bring up the trip since the government could look into this. It’s possible that their financial situation is also being watched.

What are your thoughts? Are the Chrisley kids hard up for money? Do you think Todd and Julie left them some money? Sound off below in the comment section.

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