When Will Todd And Julie Chrisley Be Able To Call Each Other?

Chrisley Knows Best Chrisley Knows Best alums, Todd and Julie Chrisley, were sentenced to prison for fraud and tax-related offenses. With the two serving their sentences in separate facilities, their children have been visiting them on a rotating basis. Nevertheless, there’s a question on everyone’s mind: When can the couple finally call each other on the phone? Read on to find out.

Todd And Julie Chrisey – Got Long Sentences

Nanny Faye, Lindsie, Chase, and Savannah, frequently try to pay visits to the former USA Network stars in prison. However, due to their respective prison sentences occurring concurrently, doing so has proven very challenging. It seems harsh because others like Teresa and Joe Giudice were able to serve their sentences separately. Many people believe that the punishment handed out to them for their fraud and tax evasion convictions is disproportionate to the extent of the crimes they were convicted of.

Some stories have emerged that Todd isn’t so bad off, but Julie Chrisley might be subjected to a strip search every time she gets a visitor. If that’s true, then it must weigh on the minds of their loved ones who get to see her in the Kentucky facility. While the family tries their best to give her love and comfort, possibly, a call from her husband might cheer her up no end. But when will that happen?

Todd & Julie Chrisley – Discussed On Savannah Chrisley’s  Podcast

This week, Savannah and her producer, Erin Dugan chatted on Savannah’s Unlocked podcast. They talked about the family and gave an update on how it was going for the family. One of the things they talked about was how hard it is for Savannah to decide which parent to visit on the weekends. They are in different prisons, with their dad in Florida and their mom in Kentucky. So it’s impossible for her to see both of them each weekend.

When Will Todd And Julie Chrisley Be Able To Call Each Other
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Another part of the podcast covered whether Todd is able to call his wife. Bear in mind, he is inside for 12 years. Meanwhile, she serves seven years. Unless they get good behavior time or win their appeal, they will be separated for many years. Talking about her dad, their daughter revealed that he’s not allowed to place any calls to his wife, and vice versa. So, when will that change?

Todd And Julie Chrisey – No Phone Calls For Years

Todd and Julie have been in prison since January this year. During that time, they have not been able to talk to each other on the phone. Will that change soon? Well, unfortunately, not. Apparently, inmates talking to other inmates is seen as a security risk. So, the soonest that Julie can call her husband will likely be when she gets out of prison.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that apart from incarceration, being removed from their family, and suffering from heartbreak, that not allowing a simple phone call between a husband and wife seems excessively cruel? Sound off in the comments below.

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