Did Meri Brown Just Try And Use A Photo To Brush Off Abuse Allegations?

Sister Wives Sister Wives spoilers reveal that, since Meri Brown had a few allegations thrown at her, she’s chosen to act as if nothing is wrong. With the headlines filling with allegations of “abuse” leveled against the TLC personality, she posted a photo that some fans are saying is in response. Continue reading and we’ll spill the polygamy tea.

Sister Wives – Who Was The First To Hint At Meri Brown’s Abuse?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that, according to Soap Dirt, allegations about Kody Brown’s first wife abusing his kids a while ago. However, one of the first reports surfaced in a book written by the Sister Wives some years ago.

In that book, Christine Brown wrote of confronting Meri about how she took out her frustrations on her kids. She wrote that she told Meri to lay off her kids. However, Christine never explained just what that “mistreatment” entailed. Fast forward to some years later.

Sister Wives – Maddie Brown Brush Hinted But Fell Short Of Naming Meri Brown

Years after that book, Maddie Brown Brush tweeted more revelations in a harsh post about the first wife of the Brown plural marriage. And though Maddie’s tweet fell short of giving a name, fans assumed it was Meri that she was talking about.

However it was Meri’s response that fostered speculation. Her tweet was directed at an unnamed person on her LuLaRoe team who, at that time, wasn’t living up to her potential.

Sister Wives – Social Media Posts Seldom Go Away For Good

Back then, Maddie was part of that LuLaRoe team and reportedly shared what appeared to be a retaliatory tweet that she quickly deleted. However, as they say, nothing shared on social media is ever really gone, especially when there are fans who take screenshots.

It was those screenshots, in this instance, that kept the tweet alive until now. The tweet is now adding fuel to other allegations coming now from the Brown family patriarch’s other children.

Sister Wives – Paedon, Gwendlyn, And Mykelti Brown Also Level Charges

More recently, Meri Brown has been slammed with allegations from several of Kody’s 18 adult children. Paedon Brown came forward via John Yates’s YouTube channel in an interview and said that Meri went “beyond verbal abuse” with some of Kody’s kids.

Soon his sister, Gwendlyn Brown confirmed his allegations confessing that she had witnessed Meri becoming violent with Mykelti Brown when they were young. Mykelti Brown Brush confirmed some of her sibling’s allegations.

However, though she claimed to have received the lion’s share of Meri’s wrath, she fell short of accusing her of physical abuse. One thing all three Brown siblings agreed on — they all feared Meri Brown as youngsters.

Sister Wives – At Least Some Disagree?

The TLC personality shared an Instagram photo recently that fans reportedly see as an underhanded response to the claims made against her by some of Kody’s kids. It was an image of her and two of her other children that fans think is Meri’s way of showing that not all the kids think of her in a negative light.

In the absence of any other response from Meri – we’re left with these assumptions. Be sure and stay up to speed on all the Brown family drama. Return here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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