Counting On: Jinger Vuolo Critic Sparks Interesting Discussion

Counting OnCounting On fans eagerly await the new book by Jinger Duggar Vuolo: “Becoming Free Indeed.” It’s her second effort at writing a book for adults, and this one seems set to do very well. Actually, releasing some of the content already sparked conversations. But this weekend, a person who seemed to be a bit of a critic sparked an interesting discussion on social media.

Counting On – Jinger Vuolo’s Book Will Upset Her Parents?

So far, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar haven’t openly commented on the new book by their daughter. Mind you, the usual unnamed sources allege that they do worry about it. But, is there anything that might rock their world all that much? Jinger already slammed Bill Gothard from the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), but, she didn’t slam her parents for taking his advice on religion and family.

Counting On fans rather got the idea that she felt that thousands of people were given advice that led to them making mistakes. Of course, there might be some reveals in the book that shock people. But, she and Jeremy are Christians. So, the chances of her accusing her mom and dad of evildoing seem slim. Nevertheless, she told People Magazine that “the teaching I grew up under was harmful, it was damaging, and there are lasting effects.

Counting On – Jinger Vuolo’s Mom & Dad Did Everything Wrong?

Do you know any absolutely perfect parents? Well, they seem to be few and far between. One critic who seemed dot think that a lot was wrong asked Jinger in her post those weekend, “Why aren’t you blaming your parents also for not allowing you to go to school, get an education to be able to see what life is really all about?” That sparked a discussion where most people, think the criticism was too harsh.

Counting On Jinger Vuolo Critic Sparks Interesting Discussion
Jinger Vuolo / Instagram

Counting On fans who replied to the critic agreed that there’s nothing wrong with homeschooling. One follower said, “She was home schooled and had the opportunity to travel all over the world. She was also given piano lessons and is a very gifted pianist and photographer. Not everything her parents did was wrong.”

Another follower said, “the top colleges and universities…seek out homeschooled kids because they just do that much better.”:

Counting On -The Home-Schooling Discussion

Counting On fans took up the cudgels on behalf of homeschooling. One follower opined, “Jinger is extremely well spoken, many come out of public and private school lacking in that area…Also, she’s been taught life skills, another area that can be lacking coming through the school system.”

More folks spoke up in defense of kids being schooled at home. Of course, there were some counterarguments as well. What works for some folks might not be perfect for others. However, it’s interesting to note that “a study led by Michael Cogan by the University of St. Thomas revealed that the homeschool graduation statistics is 10% higher than that of students from public schools” (

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