Jinger Duggar Worries Fans, Michelle And Jim Bob React To Her Memoir!

Jinger Duggar Jinger Duggar has fans worried after her new Instagram. And the concern comes in the wake of the 19 Kids And Counting alum working on her new memoir. Did reactions from Jinger’s family result in her concerning photo?

Find out what Jinger shared on Instagram that sparked concern. And learn about her new memoir. Get all the details below.

Jinger Duggar –  Looks So Sad On Instagram

Too much work? Family problems? Jinger Duggar’s fans speculated after viewing her unhappy face in her new Instagram post, noted the Sun.

In her photo, the 28-year-old reality TV star perched in a dark studio. She wore headphones and looked at an iPad that showed her new memoir. But Jinger’s sad expression made fans worried about the mom of two.

“Recording the audiobook for Becoming Free Indeed day 1 #becomingfreeindeed#audiobook,” wrote the reality TV star in her caption. However, fans felt that she looked extremely miserable. For instance, one noted, “She does not look happy. At all.” And another agreed, commenting, “[She] looks the most unhappy she’s ever been.” One fan noted that Jinger seemed exhausted.

Jinger Duggar – Michelle And Jim Bob Duggar React To Jinger’s Memoir

However, Jinger’s unhappy expression may relate to her parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. Both of her parents reportedly have begun fretting over their daughter’s tell-all memoir. Set for release on January 31, 2023, the book will share new secrets from Jinger’s childhood. It also will delve into her religious beliefs. And Jinger will explore how her faith changed from her youth to now. Jinger shared that she made the decision to leave the “wrong” instructions of the Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP) leader Bill Gothard.

And because Jinger deliberately distanced herself from Michelle and Jim Bob, her parents “fear the worst,” said an insider quoted by OK. Jim Bob and Michelle have become so estranged that they don’t even know what she will cover. But they worry about Jinger revealing “the dark Josh incident,” said the insider in a reference to jailed son Josh Duggar. 

And the source added, “The last thing they want is to bring more unwanted, negative attention and scrutiny to their family.” Moreover, Jim Bob and Michelle always want their children to “keep family matters private.” And they had hoped that their strict upbringing would get the kids to follow that rule.

“They feel that Jinger and Jeremy [Vuolo] have changed and that the book is bound to touch on some controversial family issues,” added the source. “Another concern is that Jinger will most likely promote the book and do interviews and Jim Bob and Michelle worry about the questions she’ll be asked and how she’ll answer. It’s definitely a tense time.”

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Jinger Duggar should try to ease her parents’ worry about her memoir? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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