Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Reveals Josh Duggar’s Status With Her

Counting On star Jill Dillard wrote quite a lot about Josh Duggar in her book, Counting The Cost. Recently, she opened up about where her older brother stands with her. Josh, who was found guilty of receiving CSAM content, currently serves out his 12-year sentence in Seagoville FCI, Texas.

Counting On Spoilers – Jill Dillard Wrote About Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar got away with the molestation of some of his sisters and one unnamed girl. Although it happened years ago, the evidence was allowed as admissible in court.

Some people feared that Jill, his sister, might have to testify, However, she didn’t, but it was already common knowledge that it happened.

Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Reveals Josh Duggar's Status With HerAdditionally, many people suspect that Derick’s wife blew the whistle. Naturally, a lot of people wonder if her book was written to try and get her dad, Jim Bob Duggar to change the way he raises his kids.

Counting On fans wonder sometimes if Jill Dillard wanted to save the rest of her younger siblings from something similar. Well, she apparently just wrote her story for her own healing.

When it comes to Josh, her book alleged that when the story broke about the molestation, she spoke with a journalist. But, her big brother actually stayed in the room with them: off camera, but listening to every word she said.

Counting On Spoilers – Does Josh Duggar Communicate With Jill?

Anyone can apply online to be able to send Josh Duggar goods from the commissary. Actually, it’s not hard. However, it does require approval. Meanwhile, mail is monitored, and again, people must be on the list of approval for that. So. does the list allow the Counting The Cost author to send him things?

Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Reveals Josh Duggar's Status With Her

Recently, the Counting On alums spoke with CNN about her family. In the discussion, they touched on her relationship with her siblings and her parents. With regard to Josh, Jill Dillard revealed that she naturally thinks about him. After all, they are a Christian family. More than likely, she and Derick also pray for him. However, he does not seem to reciprocate.

Counting On Spoilers – Holiday Card Denied?

Counting On fans might not be surprised to discover that Jill tried communicating with her brother, but was rejected. The outlet cited her as saying that she “attempted to send a holiday card to her brother Josh Duggar in prison, but it wasn’t accepted. She theorizes that she’s not on his list of those he can receive mail from.”

What are your thoughts? It sounds like Jim Bob Duggar won’t change because Jill has issues with him. And, it seems that her brother might not ever forgive her for speaking out about him. Sound off below in the comment section.

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