Sister Wives Janelle Brown Could Expose Family’s Financial Secrets

Sister Wives Janelle Brown could be the one to expose the family’s financial secrets. In Season 18 of Sister Wives, she revealed her fears about leaving Kody Brown. Janelle realized she didn’t have any money to her name. However, she could have the upper hand in the financial debacle. Keep on reading to learn more.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Becomes Hero of Sister Wives

Janelle Brown might’ve secured herself as the hero of Sister Wives. She was known as the dedicated wife to Kody Brown. She tried her best to keep their big family together. Janelle was known as the rock of the family.

Over the years, Kody failed to meet her needs. She remained committed to him even if things were rough.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Could Expose Family's Financial SecretsHowever, Janelle reached her breaking point. It started with a fight about the family’s holiday plans.

Kody Brown showed his true colors. That’s when Janelle Brown realized that she was no longer a priority in his life.

He remained dedicated to Robyn Brown as he managed to shut out all of his other wives. Kody spent most of his time with Robyn, and would do anything for her.

He was reluctant with the rest of his wives. This caused Christine Brown and Meri Brown to leave the family. They realized their place was no longer needed in their plural family.

Janelle woke up to the day that Kody picked favorites in his marriage. She was scared to leave him, but she knew she was no longer happy.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Expose Brown Family’s Financial Secrets

Janelle Brown could be the red herring in this separation. Sister Wives fans think she could be the one to expose the Brown family’s financial secrets.

She talked about how everyone contributed to the family pot. Janelle was also aware of how they spent the money even though she didn’t say anything.

At one time, Janelle recalled that the family’s finances supported Christine and Robyn’s homes in Flagstaff, Arizona. “I feel no one is watching out for me. No one is prioritzing me,” Janelle shared. Regardless, she still has power over Kody. She could expose their family’s finances with this damning information.

Janelle Brown realized she had to make her own decisions since Kody wasn’t providing for her. She learned how to become more independent.

During a confessional, Janelle revealed that her needs weren’t being met. She realized she had to do these things for herself.

She was also the one who called out the “problematic” treatment in their plural marriage. Janelle noted that Robyn’s business, My Sister Wife’s Closet, didn’t support the family bills.

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