Chrisley Knows Best Spoilers: Why Todd Chrisley Refused Plea Deal

The Chrisley Knows Best spoilers reveal why Todd Chrisley didn’t take the plea deal. It would’ve shortened his prison sentence from 12 years. Fans think he’s crazy for not pleading guilty and getting a lighter sentence. It would’ve saved him and his family a lifetime of heartache. Keep on reading to learn more.

Chrisley Knows Best Spoilers – Todd Chrisley Refuses Plea Deal

The Chrisley Knows Best spoilers reveal that Todd and his wife, Julie Chrisley, refused the plea deal and opted to go to trial.

Instead, he ended up with a sentence of 12 years in prison. His sentence was reduced to eleven years, but that’s still a long time in prison. Todd still denies the allegations and maintains his innocence.

Chrisley Knows Best Spoilers: Why Todd Chrisley Refused Plea DealThe 12 years are for 12 counts of bank and wire fraud, conspiracy, and tax evasion. The jury found the couple guilty of all charges.

Due to the fraud-related charges, the plea deal wasn’t attractive to them at the time. There was speculation as to why Todd and Julie didn’t take the plea deal since they would’ve gotten off easier.

Even Joe Guidice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey suggested that Todd Chrisley should have taken the plea deal.

Since he served time in prison for related offenses, he knows how the system works. A lesser sentence would’ve resulted from the plea deal. Todd is stuck in prison for over a decade, and his kids are desperately trying to get him out.

The Chrisley Knows Best spoilers suggest that Savannah and Chase argued that their parents wouldn’t take a plea deal. They still believe they’re innocent.

Not taking a plea deal just takes them away from their family. Grayson and Chloe have to deal with the burden of not growing up with their parents in their lives. This is going to forever change the family.

Chrisley Knows Best Spoilers – Why Todd Chrisley Refused Plea Deal

It was obvious that Todd Chrisley was the one who refused the plea deal. He calls the shots in the family. But, fans wanted to know why he didn’t take the plea deal.

One user took to Reddit to speculate on Todd’s reasoning. The Chrisley Knows Best spoilers hint that he was too “arrogant” to take the high road.

“On the podcast, Todd would rant about unjust persecution by the government, the GA Department of Revenue, that he was fighting these charges for the everyman who couldn’t afford to fight….all while trying to muddy the waters with his nonsense because the Feds really had something on him,” the user suggested.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Todd Chrisley let fame go to his head? Why do you think he didn’t take the plea deal? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Chrisley Knows Best spoilers, news, and updates.

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