Chrisley Knows Best Spoilers: Todd Chrisley Moves To Another Prison For Sake Of Safety

The Chrisley Knows Best spoilers reveal that Todd Chrisley is being moved to another prison for the sake of his safety. He’s serving a seven-year sentence at Pensacola Federal Prison Camp. However, some fans think he could get moved to an even more dangerous location. Keep on reading for the latest details.

Chrisley Knows Best Spoilers – Savannah Chrisley Shares Update

According to Chrisley Knows Best spoilers, Savannah Chrisley shared an update about her father Todd Chrisley. She admitted that he would be moved to another person for the sake of his safety.

Chrisley Knows Best Spoilers: Todd Chrisley Moves To Another Prison For Sake Of SafetyThat prison could be even worse than the one he’s at. He might be purposely moved to a prison with a corrupt system.

The user Popular-Farmer1044 posted on Reddit: “I know people have said this in other feeds but he WILL be moved to a worse prison and one step farther away from his family.”

Savannah isn’t taking the backlash well. She’s trying to do what she thinks is best for both of her parents. There are no details on Todd’s new prison. It’s located farther away from their family and will have dangerous conditions.

She argued that it was for the sake of his safety. Savannah argued about the conditions of his current prison. After she shared the update, she turned off comments on her Instagram. She also blocked people who trolled her Instagram Stories.

Chrisley Knows Best Spoilers – Todd Chrisley Wants Home Confinement

According to the Chrisley Knows Best spoilers, Todd applied for home confinement, which the judge rejected. Fans shared their thoughts on this latest development. They think Savannah is doing too much and saying too much, especially when it concerns her father’s safety.

Todd isn’t going to get home confinement. He could end up in a worse position because of his daughter.

Savannah shared all the details of his legal process on his Instagram page. Some fans fear that it could put him in a delicate situation.

“They’ll transfer him to some place worse or put him in protective custody housing. Corruption breeds corruption so he could get hurt or killed,” one fan speculated.

“I, unfortunately, agree with you, she is sealing the deal with a not-so-great future for her dad. He could get beat up and all the COs could turn their heads, or other bad scenarios,” another user commented.

What are your thoughts on Todd Chrisley being moved to another prison? Do you think Savannah is looking out for her parents? Do you agree that Savannah should share fewer details on social media?

As always, check back for more Chrisley Knows Best spoilers, news, and updates.

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