Did Todd Chrisley Struggle With Clinging To His Mom?

Chrisley Knows Best no longer airs on the USA network but interest in Todd Chrisley remains high since his incarceration for tax and fraud-related convictions. Recently, some people discussed how similar in looks his former wife was to Nanny Faye. So, does that mean that he wanted to cling to his mom as an adult?

Todd Chrisley Spoilers – Married His Mom, Nanny Faye?

You probably heard before, that sometimes people will say that a man “married his mom.” Well, it has often been noticed that some men seem to choose women who look very similar to their female parents. Mind you, sometimes women will marry a guy who looks similar to their dad. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence. Still, Nanny Faye and her son’s first wife seem to look very much alike.

Todd Chrisley and his current wife, Julie are both serving time in prison. However, for once, USA Network fans were not talking about that this weekend. Instead, they talked about Lindsie and Kyle Chrisley’s mom, Teresa Terry. If you don’t know, only Savannah, Chase, and Grayson are Julie’s offspring. Chloe was adopted and she is the child of Kyle.

Did Todd Chrisley Struggle With Clinging To His Mom?Todd Chrisley Spoilers – Photo Of The First Wife Of Todd Chrisley & Nanny Faye

On Reddit, u/Bessie_Sue posted up two photos and asked, “Does anyone else think Todd’s first wife looks like a young Nanny Faye? ?” Well, a surprising number of people thought they really looked very similar to each other. Obviously, a few folks thought that they were completely different. Meanwhile, others thought that Lindsie looked similar to both women.

Did Todd Chrisley Struggle With Clinging To His Mom
r/ChrisleyKnowsBest / Reddit

Todd Chrisley, one community member suggested, might have an Oedipus complex. If you don’t know, that was one of Freud’s more way-out theories about babies falling in love with their parents of the opposite sex. Britannica notes that it seems to have arisen from the story of “Oedipus of Greek legend, who unknowingly slew his father and married his mother.”

Todd Chrisley Spoilers – Leaving Aside The Psychology Stuff

Nobody can delve into the mind of Todd Chrisley and probably only his therapist would want to. So, most Chrisley Knows Best fans just enjoyed chatting about the likeness. One of them said, “Literally twins.” 

Meanwhile, another follower opined, “I have never seen her before, she really does look like Faye. Would love to see a picture of them together at the time her and Todd were married, she and Faye must have looked like mother and daughter.

What do you think of the photo shared on social media? Do you agree that Todd’s first wife, Teresa Terry looked a lot like the young Nanny Faye? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure and stay up to speed on this and other Chrisley Family-related stories. Return here often for more Chrisley Family news and updates.

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