Big Brother Host Julie Chen Moonves And Bravo Host Andy Cohen “Kind Of” Dated

Julie Chen MoonvesIn a recent interview with E! News’ Carolina Bermudez and Keltie Knight, Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves explained the rumor that she and long-time friend Andy Cohen dated in the past.

During the April 25 interview, Keltie told Julie Chen that she’s aware that she had a big announcement to make but before she gives Julie the floor to make her announcement, she would like to first “Start with E! News rumor mail.”

Keltie then went on to ask Julie “Is it true that you once almost dated Andy Cohen?” and Julie replied, “Ummm, kind of true, kind of false.” Julie went ahead to explain what she meant by her response.

“Okay, true, in my mind I was dating him in 1989 the summer we were both interns in CBS,” while adding, “I was 19 he was 20 and I had a crush on him, and then, my college boyfriend who used to come pick me up from my internship at CBS…”

She continued, “One day he said to me, and was like ‘hey you know that guy Andy Cohen who you work with?’ and I’m thinking ‘yea, the one I have a secret crush on?’ He goes, ‘he was at the restaurant where I wait tables last night, he was totally checking me out.'”

There was a brief pause while Keltie whispered “Oh, no” and Caroline said, “Oh, yeah.” But Julie finished by saying, “So I didn’t date Andy Cohen but in my mind, but to this day, Andy and I are great friends and we laugh about it and we text all the time.”

Julie Chen Moonves — Julie Chen’s Top Three Picks For Celebrity Big Brother

Moving On with the Interview, Caroline told Julie “Let’s talk ‘Big Brother'” and went on to ask Julie who will be celebrating her 25 years as host of the show this summer, “You are such a beloved host but it wasn’t always that way was it?”

Julie admitted that “They hated me in the beginning.” Somewhere in between, Caroline said, “Well, I have to ask you celebrity Big Brother which I’m also a huge fan of, so if you could pick three celebrities to be on the show, who would they be?”

Julie picked three unexpected celebrities. She began with, “Alright, you don’t aim high, you don’t get,” before adding, “So I’m gonna say, Kim Kardashian—because she’s Kim Kardashian and one of the most beautiful, fascinating women in the world.”

As for if the SKKN mogul is liable to win, Julie said, “She does everything else great.” Her next pick, just like Kim K, was super unexpected. She chose Tom Brady.

In Julie’s words, “Seven Super Bowl rings, but can he win Big Brother? And he’s single. And I think Kim Kardashian, you know—I’m just saying a little showmance. I’m just putting it out there, I love love.”

Julie’s last but not the least choice was Snoop Dogg. She admitted that “It’ll never happen. But a girl can dream.”

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