Ben Affleck Calls Wife Jennifer Lopez The Greatest Performer Of All Time

It seems like Ben Affleck is really trying to win a Husband of The Year Award. That’s because he can’t stop gushing about his wife Jennifer Lopez in all of his interviews lately.

In fact, the Hollywood actor even called Jennifer the greatest performer of all time. And no, he wasn’t kidding about it, either. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Ben Affleck Calls Wife Jennifer Lopez The Greatest Performer Of All Time

While on the Smartless podcast, the Hollywood actor made it no secret that he definitely wants to be on his wife’s good side. He also said that Jennifer’s two songs about him, “Dear Ben,” and “Dear Ben Part 2,” are two of his all-time favorite songs. And no, we are not making this up at all.

Ben also said, “The songs that have been written about me have been written by the greatest performer in the history of the world, Jennifer Lopez. I don’t know if they are exactly about me, as maybe inspired by me because there are some negative things in there. She’s amazing.”

If that weren’t enough, Ben also admitted that he doesn’t feel inadequate at all when comparing Jennifer’s accomplishments to his own by saying, “I don’t feel bad about myself.”

Ben Affleck Knows All Of Jennifer Lopez’s Songs, Too

He continued, “I’m not low self-esteem, well I am, I’m fishing a little bit. No, the truth is it’s amazing, sometimes I completely forget, here’s this incredible actress and this incredible performer and then we’re sitting in the car and I’m humming along, as I will with the radio, and then a professional singer goes ahead and sings along and you kinda feel like ‘Well that’s embarrassing, maybe I should just zip it.’”

Ben also said that he knows every song that Jennifer has ever performed and added, “I do love her music and it’s brilliant and I know all of it, thank you.”

And that’s what you call a happy marriage, folks. Whether or not Jennifer will give him that Husband of the Year Award now remains to be seen.

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