90 Day Fiance: Is Yara & Jovi’s Kid Mylah The Next Coppertone Kid?

90 Day Fiancé - Yara Zaya 90 Day Fiance fans saw some photos of Mylah from Yara Zaya this weekend that might make older TLC fans recall the Coppertone kid. If you don’t know, there might still be a billboard with the little girl on the beach with the pup pulling at her bikini bottoms. Well, the daughter of Jovi and Yara was at the beach and some photos might have triggered memories of fun in the sun. So, could Mylah be the new Jodie Foster?

90 Day Fiancé – Star Yara Zaya Often Posts Photos Of Mylah

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya, like all of the TLC stars, brought along drama to the show. Initially, she compared nonstop because Jovi liked his beer and partied when he was home. And, that wasn’t all that often, as he worked far away at sea. In fact, the problem seemed to be that Jovi Dufren loved the famous New Orleans nightlife. At least, until little Mylah arrived.

The 90 Day Fiance drama with Yara was that she didn’t have an easy pregnancy. In fact, fans doubted that she’d ever get any emotional support from Jovi. And, they doubted he would be a good dad. But sure enough, Mylah seemed to change him overnight. Often, photos emerge showing that family out with their little girl. Once, the couple shared cute photos of Mylah at the beach for the first time. Now. new ones emerged. And it seems that most TLC fans loved them.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Mylah The New Coppertone Kid?

When Yara shared photos of herself with Mylah on the beach in Cancun this week, it might have triggered memories of the vintage Coppertone advert. Actually, it was well-known in grandma’s day. We’d show it to you, but Facebook reportedly took down a reconstructed one about eight years ago. The original showed a little girl with the puppy pulling down the back of the panties to reveal a tan line. These days, such nudity isn’t acceptable on social media. So, some folks complained – (PCMag).

90 Day Fiance Yara Zaya Mylah
Yara Zaya / Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Yara showed several photos and they looked really cute. In one photo, she stood in the shallow waves with Mylah. Next, the little fashionista had her sunglasses all awry. At one stage, actress Jodie Foster was a child model. The talented star was just a toddler when she was the Copperetone kid model. Why would photos of Mylah trigger memories of the ad? According to research by Rachel S. Herz, Coppertone had an aroma that triggered “autobiographical [or smell-associated] memories.”

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Fans Comment On Yara Zaya’s Cute Little Kid

90 Day Fiance fans loved the photos, especially the one with the shades sitting awry. admittedly, there was no little bare bottom and no puppy, but she still looked like the cutest potential Copprtone kid. One follower wrote, “Haha she’s so happy in these! No way to not giggle with mama there ❤️.”

Another follower opined about Mylah, “Her sun glasses 😍.”

What do you think? Do you think that Jovi and Yara’s little girl would make a cute Coppertone kid? Let us know in the comments below.

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