1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Fans Think TLC Exploited Tammy Slaton For Ratings, Why?

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that fans of the show feel as if TLC has used Tammy Slaton’s pain for higher ratings. Ever since her husband, Caleb Willingham died, Tammy has been getting a lot of special treatment. However, her fans think that the producers have been exploiting her pain.

TLC seems to be very focused on Tammy’s reaction at Caleb’s funeral and how she is processing everything. From what fans have seen, she hasn’t really been given any time to herself to grieve. Let’s find out more.

Tammy Slaton’s Sadness Exploited

Fans of 1000-Lb Sisters feel as if Tammy hasn’t been given any privacy since her husband died. They feel as if filming the funeral wasn’t right to do and Tammy needs to be able to heal on her own without cameras following her around.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Fans Think TLC Exploited Tammy Slaton For Ratings, Why?This has been a very tragic time in Tammy’s life and the last thing she needs is TLC trying to exploit her.

When Tammy and Caleb got married, her fans were so happy that she was able to find love again and hopefully live out her happily ever after.

When Tammy moved out of the weight loss rehab center, it was clear that she had her mind set on losing more weight and getting her life back in order.

She and Caleb weren’t doing that well when she moved out. In fact, it was rumored that she was thinking of filing for divorce.

Tammy Slaton’ – What Fans Think?

In one post on social media, fans of the show commented on some photos of Tammy with her sister, Amy Slaton.

One fan wrote, “Yeah, the producers should have left her alone for her husband’s funeral. It was supposed to be private but they filmed it and told her how to behave for the camera.” Another added, “I will not watch the episode where they totally invaded their privacy and I don’t care what they say, that was just wrong!”

Even though Tammy has told fans that she is working through his death, she continues to pay tribute to Caleb.

She shared with her fans that she wears a necklace that has his ashes in it. She has been asked about if they were legally married because there are some rumors going around about that as well.

Tammy’s fans continue to show her support as she tries to get through this horrible time. They hope that the network can give her some space to heal on her own and without the cameras.

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