1000-Lb Sisters: Guess Who Slid Into Amy Halterman’s Comments

1000-Lb Sisters 1000-Lb Sisters fans see that the current season of the TLC show brings a lot of news about Tammy Slaton, but Amy Halterman is also back. At one stage, fans heard rumors that she might not return since she had her second son, Glenn. Now, rumors run around that she Michael Halterman split, can you guess who slid into the comments of a post that she put up on Instagram last week?

1000-Lb Sisters – Things Changed For Amy Halterman

In seasons past, fans saw that Amy and her husband Michael seemed to get along well together. However, a recent scene on the show got fans raging. It came when they all went for a picnic and the family tucked into piles of food. Meanwhile, Glenn cried and Gage had a meltdown. All the time that Amy struggled to calm the kids, Michael just sat and ate. At no time, did he make an effort to help his wife. In fact, only Amanda went to her aid.

1000-Lb Sisters fans saw Amy crying because Micheal doesn’t help out and she claimed that sometimes it feels like she raises three children. So, when rumors arrived that the couple split, some fans were not surprised. The rumors were dished by an unnamed source to The Sun. Allegedly, she moved in with Tammy who left rehab. Well, someone read the news and on March 1, they went off to comment on a photo that Amy shared last week.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Josh Seiter Slides IntoThe Commnents

Nobody really knows by Josh Seiter is so determined to try and get involved with women from the TLC franchise. Actually, it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Mind you, notable ones are Kody’s three ex-wives. Meanwhile, Cassia Tavarez claimed that she was suing him and making a class action with other women. Rose Vega, Karine Staehle, and more had him in their comments. Now, he slid into Amy’s.

1000-Lb Sisters Guess Who Slid Into Amy Halterman Comments
Amy Halterman / Instagram

1000-Lb Sisters fans mostly stopped commenting on a cute photo of Amy with her son about five days ago. But the newest one came from Josh Seiter 11 hours before this article was written on March 1. In his comment, he said, “Glad to hear you’re single. You deserve better. Let me know if I can take you out to dinner ❤️.” Clearly, he decided that he’s a better man than Michael Haltermann.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Looking For a Slot On The Show?

1000-Lb Sisters fans hope for more about Tammy Slaton and her sister. So, is the possibility of getting back in front of the cameras driving Josh to seek out Amy? Actually, a lot of fans believe that he turns up in the posts of single women as he’s hoping for a return to the TLC network. Recall, he was in one season with Yolanda Leak.

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SOURCES: Amy Halterman On Instagram

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