1000-Lb Sisters Fans Think Amy Halterman Is Calling The Kettle Black

Amy Halterman1000-Lb Sisters fans saw that in Season 4, Tammy Slaton lost a lot of weight. Meanwhile, her sister, Amy Halterman seems to have put more back on. So, there is not as much difference between them. Additionally, Amy has two children, and Caleb Willingham would like to see Tammy have a child as well. But fans became irritated because Amy seems to think that she’s better than her sister.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Amy Halterman Seemed Jealous Of Tammy Slaton?

When the news arrived that Caleb and Tammy Slaton were to be married, Amy Halterman seemed to be a bit otherwise about it. As the wedding was to take place at the rehab facility, Amy was tasked with arranging a wedding dress for her sister. At one stage she told the camera, “[Tammy] could walk down the aisle naked for all I care, but I won’t be there.” Anyway, she did end up in a nice dress. And yes, Amy was there.

Tammy looked so nice that 1000-Lb Sisters fans gushed over her at the wedding. Actually, they didn’t gush over Amy Halterman who made it all about herself. In fact, she not only thought her sister should get on contraception pills straight away, but she also complained that she lost a sister to Caleb. So, some people started to think that Amy felt jealous that the spotlight wasn’t on her and her own success.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers –  Amy Halterman Angry With Tammy Slaton?

On Instagram, TLC dropped a teaser for the show and it showed Amy and Tammy with a hairstylist. Talking about sex, Tammy said, “if he don’t try to jump my bones.” Well, Amy wasn’t happy and said, “why you have to ruin my lunch like that.?” While she might have been joking, some TLC fans think that she should consider that it was okay for her to fall pregnant while she was carrying too much weight. And, it was fine for her to marry and have children.

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Think Amy Is Calling The Kettle Black
TLC / Instagram

1000-Lb Sisters fans seemed to think that Amy was calling the kettle black. Why can’t Tammy lose weight, marry, and have kids? After all, Amy did that, and it was against the advice of her doctor. After all, it’s not like Amy conceived by divine intervention. At some stage, she and Michael had to take a roll in the hay.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – TLC Fans Comment

In the comments, a 1000-Lb Sisters fan said, “She acts like she’s so much better..you and your man are just as ?.”

Another one wrote, “I mean it’s the same for Amy tho, idk why she acts like she’s shaped like a carrot lol.”

More comments rolled in like this one: “I think Amy on the low is jealous of Tammy. She don’t want her to surpass her bc then who will AMY have to compare herself too (sic), ?”

What do you think about Amy calling the kettle black when it comes to her sister Tammy? Let us know in the comments below.

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