1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Pregnancy Rumors Circulating

1000 Lb Sisters1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that there are rumors that Tammy Slaton could be pregnant! When Tammy told her family that she was in love, engaged, and getting married so quickly, they immediately were concerned. In the newest episode of the show, they began to question the real reason behind this quickie wedding. One of her family members actually told the cameras, “I’m going to ask the question that all four of us are really dying to want to know. Are you pregnant?”

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Is Tammy Slaton Expecting?

Tammy met her husband, Caleb Willingham in the weight loss rehab facility in Ohio. Tammy’s family feels as if she is having a shotgun wedding. They feel that she and Caleb are rushing this quite a bit. Her family feels that they have had no time to get to know him and this has been an issue in the last episode. When her family asks her if she is pregnant, Tammy says, “The heck? I ain’t pregnant. This is crazy. I can’t believe my family thinks I’m getting married because I’m pregnant. They’re stupid.”

Caleb and Tammy are very focused on their weight loss journey and they need to work harder to finally get to their goal weight. Tammy does want all of her friends and family at their wedding in order to help them celebrate their love for one another. She added, “I get it and we both understand, but people here would like to come, my friends, the family we’ve made here.” As soon as Amy Halterman hears this, she tells Tammy that she needs to get on birth control as the next step.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Slaton’s Family Is Curious

When Tammy announced to her family that she and Caleb were getting married, they started to ask some very odd questions that Tammy wasn’t expecting. One of them even asked her, “When you and Caleb be hugging and kissing on each other, y’all be rubbing trachs together?” With all of these silly questions and rumors, Tammy admits that she is very nervous about the wedding and the support of her family. She wants them to realize that she is happy with Caleb and wants nothing more than to be with him.

Amy worked hard on taking care of Tammy’s wedding dress. She had a lot of options for her and is hoping that she will find one that she really likes. Amy tells the cameras that her sister could “walk down the aisle naked for all I care, but I won’t be there.” Tammy was not allowed to leave the facility to choose her own dress, so it was up to her to do it all. As fans already know, Caleb and Tammy’s wedding ended up being very special.

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