1000-Lb Sisters: Amy Halterman Cuts Michael Some Custody Slack

Amy Halterman 1000-Lb Sisters fans heard the news that things went badly wrong between Amy Halterman and her husband, Michael. In fact, the parents of Gage and Glenn filed for divorce. It is suspected that she now lives with her sister Tammy Slaton Willingham. Things went from bad to worse, but now, she has cut Michael some slack about custody and visitation rights,

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Micheal Halterman And Amy Halterman Split

Rumors started in February, that Amy and her husband split. Last season, it would have probably just been dismissed as a rumor, However, after seeing Micheal behave badly with Amy, fans believed it. Sure enough, there was no smoke without fire, and indeed, they filed for divorce. Fortunately for Amy, she had a place to stay and most people think she lives with Tammy who left rehab. Later, the news arrived that she has a lot of issues with her husband.

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers revealed that during an argument Michael allegedly became violent and started throwing things around the house. As the boys were at home at the time, Amy made a report to the cops. Apparently, she also filed an emergency protective order. So, he had to stay away from her and the boys. At the time, it certainly seemed like the situation was irreconcilable. However, it seems that Amy had a little bit of a rethink.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers –  Amy Halterman Cutting Michael Halterman Slack

This week, The Sun reported that they obtained some court documents. According to them, the TLC star had now allowed amendments so that Michael can see the kids. However, it comes with certain restrictions. The outlet noted that he can’t be alone with the children. In fact, either Amy or her sister has to be with them. Additionally, he won’t be allowed to undertake any “physical discipline” on the boys. Actually, that might make TLC fans say “hmm.” What don’t they know about his behavior as a dad?

1000-Lb Sisters fans urged Amy Halterman to leave Michael after they saw that he didn’t lift a finger to help her with the kids. Recall, that came at a family picnic and Gage wouldn’t settle down. Meanwhile, baby Glenn cried a lot. Finally, it was Amber and Chris who came to the rescue. In that scene, Amy cried about her husband sometimes acting like a child. When they got into the fight, allegedly, it was because she wanted the divorce and not Michael.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Kids Will Spend Time With Their Dad

1000-Lb Sisters fans don’t think that the divorce case will be called off. However, as it sounds like Amy will allow supervised visitation, potentially, they might talk things over when he sees his two boys. In time, the situation might change again. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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