1000 Lb. Best Friends Meghan Marries Jon And Loses Home

1000 Lb Best Friends 1000 Lb. Best Friends Meghan Crumpler and Jon Creager planned their wedding to be a part of a renaissance fair. Meghan’s wedding party and guests all dressed up for the occasion. Unfortunately, Meghan was unaware that she was losing her home when she gained her husband.

1000 Lb. Best Friends Spoilers – Meghan Crumpler Almost Backed Out

1000 Lb. Best Friends’ Megan almost backed out of the wedding just minutes before it was ready to happen. Meghan wanted Jon to change and do things with her. Meghan needed Jon to help with her weight loss journey but he continues to stop working out with her after about a week. Meghan is changing and needs someone who can evolve with her.

Meghan admitted to trying to arrange an escape route in case she backed out of the wedding. However, the other ladies tried to tell her she needed to evaluate her feelings before things got that far. Why even plan a wedding if you weren’t sure you wanted to go through with it? Even while at the wellness retreat, Meghan was undecided.

1000 Lb. Best Friends Spoilers – Meghan Crumpler And Jon Creager’s Wedding

Meghan and Jon were supposed to get married at 11:11. However, Meghan’s indecision threw their schedule off a little bit. Tina Arnold’s husband Johnny Arnold was even ordained so he could perform the ceremony. Meghan admitted to not knowing that she should be doing this. Jon wasn’t sure what would happen at the wedding either.

Meghan finally decided to go through with the wedding and everything went off without a hitch. Ashely Sutton was able to join them as well. After a tense meeting between Ashely and Tina, things went well. Meghan’s friends supported her throughout the wedding. However, all three of them knew that a bombshell would later be coming.

1000 Lb. Best Friends Spoilers – Tina Arnold Dropped A Bomb

After the wedding, the party continued through dinner and dancing. Meghan was excited about her wedding night which brought some interesting comments from the ladies. However, things changed in the light of the day the following morning when Meghan came upset to speak to Tina. Meghan was all for nesting and redoing her and Jon’s basement room.

Once Meghan started to tell Tina about her plans, Tina had no choice but to tell Meghan was she and Johnny had decided weeks before. Johnny and Tina’s marriage was in trouble and they need some space. Meghan was stunned to learn that she may have just gotten married but now she has to find a place of her own.

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