Will Josh Duggar Remain In Protective Custody In Prison?

Josh DuggarJosh Duggar stays in protective custody in the Washington County Detention Center in Arkansas at the moment. Not because he’s a danger to other inmates but because the inmates have issues with child abuse. Actually, in the past, some inmates who engaged in sexual abuse of kids ended up badly hurt or even dead. Now that the sentencing date for the former 19 Kids and Counting star approaches, folks wonder if things will change for him once he moves to a prison.

Josh Duggar – Sentencing Will See Him Move To Prison

When the jury convicted Jim Bob’s eldest son, he went straight into protective custody. For him, there was no going home and waiting for the next step. Obviously, given the nature of the crime, it was best that he didn’t hang around with little kids. Well, he enjoyed a bland Christmas. No visits are allowed, so probably, his day was only brightened with food parcels and video calls from his wife Anna. TLC fans like that he now knows how it feels to experience life with fewer privileges.

At the moment, the legal team of Josh Duggar appeals his trial and he hopes for leniency or even a retrial.  At one stage, they alleged that his guilty verdict was again the constitution. However, there’s apparently not a lot of wriggle room in such cases. So, despite any appeals, it’s likely that he will still transfer to prison in April. Some people who previously moved from their holding facility to prison preferred prison as it gave them a bit more freedom. But, will it make much difference for Josh?

Josh Duggar – Sentencing – Will He Be Protected?

The Sun consulted with a legal expert and confirmed that the 19 Kids and Counting alum probably will go into protective custody in prison. Once again, it is for his own protection from the general prison population. In fact, he predicted that Josh could end up attacked within the hour in the prison. So, there is a special unit for those people sentenced for crimes against minors. Actually, that means less freedom than other prisoners when it comes to things like playing sports.

Will Josh Duggar Remain In Protective Custody In Prison
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Speaking about Josh Duggar, Attorney Adam Michael Sacks told the outlet, “When you’re the new guy in jail, very quickly it’s ‘What is he in for?’ If it gets around he’s in for child pornography, he’s marked. They will hurt him. It’s not a joke.” While TLC fans might think he gets his just desserts if that happens, the state is under an obligation to ensure the safety of the inmates.

Josh Duggar – How long Might Josh Stay In Prison?

Josh Duggar can probably expect quite a long sentence for his crimes. So, at best he can hope for six years behind bars. Possibly, it might run to about 14 years. Although he was found guilty on more than one charge, the sentences will apparently run concurrently.

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