Will Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Stop Making Family Videos Now?

Counting OnCounting On fans love it when Jill Dillard posts up videos of the family exploring and taking vacations. But now she seems to deliberately hide the kids’ faces on Instagram, is that the end of her fun YouTube vids? Perhaps, she followed Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s example since the bad publicity of Josh’s trial. Or, perhaps she discovered just how easy it is for abusers to use online material to make child abuse videos.

Counting On – Alum Jill Dillard Disappeared After Josh’s The Trial

After Josh Duggar was convicted for possessing content that showed children being abused, Jill stayed off social media for about two months. Actually, for her, the whole ugly episode seemed very stressful. While TLC fans praised her a lot, it must have been difficult to experience the public trial and subsequent slamming of her family. However, fans noticed that Israel and Samuel no longer feature on her Instagram with their faces showing.

When Counting On alum Jinger Vuolo moved to California, she changed her policy as well. Like Jill Dillard, she stopped sharing photos of her kids’ faces. Recall, at one stage she shared delightful videos of Felicity. But, when Eve came along, she resolutely refused to continue doing it. She never said why, other than that she gives her kids privacy. So, fans don’t know if something bad happened. Did you know that if you live in France, since 2017, you can be prosecuted for posting your kids online? Maybe the Duggar sisters are just ahead of the times in the USA.

Counting On Alum – Jill Used To Post Her Kids’ Faces

In the past, Jill Dillard never hesitated to share her two boys on social media. In fact, they often appeared in videos on YouTube and on her Instagram. However, the last time she shared their faces on Instagram came on December 7. Since then, she posted up four posts about the boys, and all of them carefully hid the faces of her two sons. On February 9, she shared pictures of Sam eating ice cream to celebrate a reading achievement. Some fans disagreed with her rewarding the boys with food.

Will Counting On Alum Jill Dillard Stop Making Family Videos Now
Jill Dillard / Instagram

Other Counting On fans asked Jill why she started hiding the faces of the kids. Unfortunately, she didn’t reply. Conversely, she replied to a lot of fans about reading. Actually, some fans liked that she takes precautions and gives the boys more privacy online these days. Meanwhile, other TLC fans groaned because they really like those two youngsters. But, it raises questions about her YouTube channel as well.

Counting On  – No More Fun Family Videos On YouTube?

Counting On fans just love it when Jill Dillard shares their outings and vacations on YouTube. The last one she shared came before the trial of her brother. In fact, the boys enjoyed a visit to the coast in Oregon. Prior to that, she shared more videos of the family camping on the Buffalo River. If she won’t show their faces on Instagram, there’s a huge possibility, fans won’t see new sweet moments with the boys again.

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