Todd & Julie Chrisley Sentenced To Prison – Social Media Reactions

Todd And Julie Chrisle Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to serve years in prison in Atlanta for bank fraud, tax evasion, and conspiring to defraud the IRS. Although their legal team pushed for some leniency, they will both serve time in prison. Across social media, people are shocked. After all, Todd will serve longer than Elizabeth Holmes for fraudulent blood-testing tech that could have destroyed the lives of people.

Todd And Julie Chrisley – Hear Bad Thanksgiving News

Chrisley Knows Best fans wondered if the parents of Chloe, Grayson, Savanah, and Chase would be in prison over the Thanksgiving holiday. Well, it’s not clear yet, if they will be. However, they heard their sentence and both of them will serve time. Additionally, it s not clear if they will both be in prison at the same time. However, the family must be shocked because so many of them appealed for leniency. After all, Todd’s mom is not well with bladder cancer. Meanwhile, Grayson is still a teenager and Chloe is just 10.

As the news about Todd and Julie Chrisley is still new, not many details have come out about the day they start serving their sentences. Neither is the prison facility yet identified. Bear in mind, they will serve their time in Federal prison. Todd will serve 12 years and his wife Julie will serve seven years. At the moment, it’s also not clear if their appeals will remove some of their time behind bars. People seem to be very shocked at the severity. Once they have served, they will still be under probation for a further 16 months.

Todd And Julie Chrisley – Sentencing Reactions

Mainstream media started sharing the news and people then shared it on social media. There, people mostly seem shocked. Others are very concerned about the kids, and of course, about Nanny Faye. She is a huge favorite on the USA Network show, Chrisley Knows Best. When @thetalkofshame shared the news on Instagram, plenty of people expressed their shock.

Todd and Julie Chrisley Sentenced To Prison - Social Media Reactions
Via @thetalkofshame / Instagram

Todd and Julie Chrisley found  a lot of fans on the USA Network, but even those who don’t watch the show think the sentence was quite harsh, In the comments on Instagram one follower said, “Wow that’s crazy.”

Another commenter who couldn’t get over it said, “I AM SCREAMING!!! SHOCKED AGAIN!”

Of course, a lot of people feel sad and concerned about Grayson, Nanny Faye, and Chloe. Of course, they also feel for the other kids, Savanah and Chase, and Lindsie. But they are grown adults and should manage a bit better. Hardly anyone is talking about Kyle, who allegedly tipped off the IRS in the first place.

Todd And Julie Chrisley – Sadness Expressed

Some fans could not hold back their sadness for the family of Todd and Julie Chrisley. One fan wrote, “I feel so bad for the kids and grandmother she is elderly and that’s just sad.”

What are your thoughts about the USA Network stars getting a harsh prison sentence? Let us know in the comments below.

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