Grayson Chrisley In Hospital With Suspected Head Injuries

Grayson ChrisleyGrayson Chrisley, the son of Todd and Julie was involved in a bad car accident and might be suffering from head injuries., According to TMZ who broke the news, it came just days before his mom and dad, Todd and Julie heard that they will serve prison time for tax evasion and other federal crimes.

Grayson Chrisley – Is A Big Worry For Todd Chrisley

Fans saw a season of Chrisley Knows Best where Grayson was learning how to drive. At the time, his sister Savannah and his dad worried about him potentially ending up in an accident. Well, it has now come to pass, that they needed to be worried.  Actually, the downturn of luck for the family seems shocking to many USA Network fans. News just broke that Todd will serve 12 years in federal prison.  After his conviction for federal crimes, Todd mentioned that his son is very “sensitive.” 

Grayson Chrisley doesn’t look like the sensitive type, as he really is busting out in all directions from his sport and gymming activity. Actually, he looks like a bit of a thirst trap these days. But he’s still only 16. Actually, for a young teen, he gets to drive a really nice car. Or at least he did. His  Ford F-150 was wrecked in the crash that happened on the  I-65 in Nashville.TMZ reported that Grayson drove into the back of another truck in slow-moving traffic.

Grayson Chrisley – Might Have Head Injuries

Reports indicate that the young Chrisley Knows Best star was unable to answer questions. As that could indicate a head injury, he was taken to hospital. Apparently, the other driver also suffered some injuries but preferred not to seek treatment via an ambulance. Certainly, it sounds like Grayson might have hurt his head. TMZ said that “the bumper is mangled, the hood is cracked and the windshield shattered.”

When the car accident involving Grayson Chrisley was reported on YouTube by US Weekly, concerned followers rushed to express their thoughts.

Kaitlyn B: I hope he’s okay. I could only imagine how he’s got to feel knowing his parents are going to go to prison. I feel bad for him. Not so much for his parents.

Debbie Lacy: I pray he is OK. He has alot to deal with, because of his parents. Now this.

Cristina Brazil: OMG! God help him and the whole family!

Ashley Deverick: Prayers for Grayson

Theria Williams: OMG ???.”

Too Young For A Truck On A Busy Freeway?

Some people think that Grayson Chrisley is way too young to be driving a powerful Ford at the age of 16. Meanwhile, others talked about how he should have stayed off the busier roads. Hopefully, he will be okay because life as he knew it seems to be falling apart right now.

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