The Family Chantel Spoilers: Fans Call Pedro Jimeno A Scammer

The Family Chantel The Family Chantel spoilers reveal that fans are now calling Pedro Jimeno a scammer. Pedro and his estranged wife, Chantel Everett have officially filed for divorce and it seems as if fans of the show are not happy with him for his actions. Chantel started getting some odd vibes from him when he started his new job and she thought that he and his boss had a relationship that wasn’t very professional. From his recent posts, it looks like he and his boss are getting too cozy for just a work relationship.

The Family Chantel Spoilers – Is Pedro Jimeno A Scammer?

The world of Reddit is filled with fans who loved watching The Family Chantel and now they are voicing their opinions about Pedro and how he is a liar and a scammer. There have been multiple fans who thought that he was a jerk before, but now more viewers can see it. The way he treated Chantel was just horrible, especially when she tried to save their marriage. He never seemed to take her feelings into account and it has been obvious ever since she asked him to try and reconcile things between them.

There have been hints that he was actually coached to stay with Chantel for five years and then to get out of the marriage so he could at least get a green card. There are some fans that argue that he just fell out of love with Chantel and even though it looks as if he is scamming her for money and a green card, these things do happen. Another theory is that Chantel and Pedro would have made it if their families weren’t in their business all the time.

The Family Chantel Spoilers – The Theories

There are plenty of theories about Pedro being a scammer and many of them point the finger at him and not at other obstacles. It really did seem as if they were in love with one another at some point, but things just didn’t work out for whatever reason. We will continue to keep an eye on Pedro to see if he shares any more photos with his boss or decides to move on quickly after their divorce is final.

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