Sister Wives Stars Leon Brown & Audrey Kriss Denver Updates

Sister Wives Sister Wives Audrey Kriss and Leon Brown, formerly known as Mariah, told TLC fans some time ago, that after Pride Month, they intended to relocate to Denver in Colorado. Now that they arrived there, they seem to be in a good frame of mind. Actually, TLC fans mostly wish them a wonderful future as it takes courage to come out.

Sister Wives – Audrey Kriss And Leon Brown In Denver

TLC fans can’t wait for the official news that Meri’s daughter and her lover tie the knot. Perhaps it happens in Denver? Well, it’s been more than a year since Meri Brown said that they wouldget married.  However, neither of them talked about it much. Except, that once, Audrey said that they won’t speak about it just yet. That news came earlier this year. Hopefully, TLC fans might see a spinoff about it.

Sister Wives fans saw that Audrey Kriss underwent top surgery, and they heard the couple plan on moving to Denver. However, in a surprise announcement, Meri’s only child revealed that from now on, fans must refer to the correct pronouns. Additionally, the news arrived that “my name is Leo or Leon, and my pronouns are they/them. please only refer to me in that way.” Clearly, this couple are intent on degenderizing every which way. As they both seem to not identity with the female gender, it all seems rather neutral.

Sister Wives – Denver – Audrey & Leon Brown –  Update

Audrey Kriss shared a photo of them together on July 24. As you can see below, Audrey seems well along the transition path. Meanwhile, some fans thought that Leon might have started taking the transition route with top surgery before Audrey. Either way, they look incredibly happy together. Tagging it as Denver, Colorado, it became clear that they relocated.

Sister Wives Stars Leon Brown And Audrey Kriss Denver Updates
Audrey Kriss / Instagram

Sister Wives fans saw that Audry and Leon Brown joked about who wore the outfit with short pants first. Audrey said, “Let’s laugh together forever, yeah? ? k cool gr8.” Tthen they added, “For the record, Leo copied MY outfit ??.” Next, the photographer was acknowledged. It was taken by Kal Candler Lunsford.

Sister Wives – TLC Fans Love Audrey’s Hair

Sister Wives fans see that each time a post goes up, Audrey Kriss shows more progress with the transition. Actually, fans noticed that they also sport a really nice hairstyle. One fan said, “omg new hair??”

In reply, Audrey said, “actually no just grown out and the edit. ? but now that you say that I’m thinking… some blonde in there or something ? shooooooot.”

What do you think about he idea of some streaks of blonde in Audrey’s hair. Do you agree it would look amazing? Sound off in the comments below.

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